"The body is smarter, it will take its own." Author The Challenger trained and lost weight all month (and this is what came of it)

Our author Oksana Laryushkina trained all month and built a diet under the guidance of specialists from Five Conce12t Fitness. Now that the sports marathon is behind, we asked Oksana to tell if she was happy with the result and how she managed to enjoy training and calorie counting.

Oksana Laryushkina

- When I was offered to participate in the project Eat! Train! Love! from Five Conce28t Fitness, I immediately agreed - I have problems with discipline, and sports marathons are in good shape and do not let me relax.

It is one thing to negotiate with yourself is not superfluous and go to the gym, and quite another to work in a team under the supervision of specialists.

The course lasted a month, all participants (five people) were added to the chat, in which in addition to us there were two more curators - a cardiac surgeon, nutritionist and trainer. The program was designed for a month, on the eve of the start, we gathered in the studio and met each other. All filled out questionnaires, answered standard questions about diseases, allergies, medicines, habits and lifestyle (wrote how many hours we sleep, play sports, sit at the desk). We were given a personal folder with personal data and useful teaching material.

Each of us was weighed and sent to the InBody to determine body composition. The device shows bioimpedance: the percentage of muscle and fat. The nutritionist once a week took measurements of the neck, waist, hips, arms and legs to monitor dynamics.

Once a week we met in the studio, We listened to an hour-long lecture, after which we were sent didactic materials by e-mail. At the first lecture, we analyzed modern types of diets and discussed why they do not work, the second meeting was devoted to the glycemic index, the third to sarcopenic obesity.

The final lecture talked about the effectiveness and danger of detox. We discussed the importance of walking: it turned out that people who walk 10,000 steps a day are considered active. If you make up to 5,000 steps per day, you can say that there is no physical activity. I have been using the Ste81z application for several years, and now I have begun to pay special attention to this and try to control the number of steps in any situation: while walking, I go around the house several times, choose a long way to the store, and when possible I try to replace the transport with a walk.

Before the start of the program, all participants were given personal folders, in which, based on measurements and analysis of body composition, the initial data were indicated: percentage of fat content, skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, total amount of water in the body.

I liked that the BMI was calculated based on the results of body composition - I do not particularly trust online calculators. In terms of general indicators, my body mass index was normal, although an analysis of body composition showed hidden overweight.

In addition, we were handed out material in which four product groups were prescribed:

  • HI - protein,
  • HII - vegetables, fruits, cereals,
  • HIII - oils and nuts,
  • HIV - drinkable.

We planned the diet according to the formula HI + HII + HII. The training manual listed products that negatively affect the condition and quality of the body: sweets, muffins, sugary drinks, canned goods.

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For each participant calculated recommended drinking regimen, daily calorie content, as well as the estimated dynamics of fat reduction and increased musculoskeletal body mass. It was easy to maintain the water balance - I already drink 2-2.

5 liters of water every day (my recommended minimum is 1.3 liters). I needed to consume 1,400 calories in four meals a day. The nutritionist calculated how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be in each meal (very convenient, it was not necessary to adjust the indicators intuitively).

The program included 12 training sessions - three per week.

In the folder was a physical activity planner and a group workout schedule showing calories burned. Trainings are built according to the Les Mills methodology. Each lesson was filled with crazy energy. My love was BodyPum134, Cycle, Work it Circuit, and the HIIT Challenge was "number one" among all the classes. The last workout I fell in love with as soon as I saw my native: Challenge.

We worked on a treadmill, rowing simulator, air resistance exercise bike, did plyometric and strength exercises with extra weight. The participants had sensors monitoring the pulse zone, and what we saw on the screens encouraged us not to filter and work only in the fat-burning zone.

For a month, the curators were constantly in touch, answered all our questions in the chat. For example, a nutritionist Eduard recommended that I add a vegetarian protein to my diet when I found out that I don’t eat meat and it’s difficult for me to get a minimum daily protein intake. So I made friends with sports nutrition.

Most of all I was pleased with the decrease in waist volume by five centimeters. Each participant was awarded a certificate for the month, and the winner was presented with a package of five workouts.

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The month passed quickly, I was even upset that the program was over - I’m already used to a new rhythm. I still calculate the diet through FatSecret, but I do not intuitively, as before. When you know your indicators, this allows you not to overeat and get proteins and fats. I often re-read the methodological material and recall some facts.

I believe that the program is important for everyone who tries to adhere to proper nutrition, even if he considers himself an expert.

From my own experience, I can say: for several years I have been treating myself as # zoz and # pp, I have not eaten pasta with cheese and have no snack on sneakers, but I still lacked knowledge. Sometimes I wanted to achieve the result faster - there were thoughts about low-carbohydrate and other not the safest measures. After completing the course, I was convinced: the body is smarter, it will still take its toll. Therefore, it is important to approach the issues of nutrition and training competently and, whenever possible, to obtain new knowledge.



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