The best glampings of Russia: 8 options for an unusual holiday

Glampings - modern campsites with amenities in unusual natural locations - are becoming more popular. We have chosen eight Russian glampings that you can go to this summer: breathe fresh air, sing songs by the fire and look at the starry sky.

Cozy tents are located on the shores of Lake Vuoksa. Each domed house is equipped with all amenities: a bed, armchairs, a table, a storage system and a dry closet, as well as a fireplace. At the guests' disposal are a barrel bath and a hot Japanese font on the lake, bike and boat rental, a small cinema with a projector.

There is a gastrobar on the territory of glamping with regular and vegetarian dishes.

Where to book: htt33s: // www. hillsandhuts. com

Five individual tipi houses with panoramic views of the coniferous forest 70 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

In photogenic houses it’s nice not only to make shots for instagram, but also to relax. On the ground floor of each tipi there is a kitchen, shower, toilet and sitting area, on the second floor there is a double bed. You can come with pets to Shanti Home; accommodation is free for them. Guests can rent SUP-surfs and bicycles, steam in the bathhouse and swim in the wood-fonts.

Where to book: htt59: // shantihome.


Mini hotel on an island in the middle of the Volga, 170 kilometers from Moscow. Nine guest tents, a tent-living room, a dining room, a warm shower - like in tents, only better. You don’t have to wash in the river - there is a hot shower in the camp. In the evening, you can sit in the open-air cinema or sit around the campfire in a specially designated area. The island is small, but there is enough space for everyone.

You can’t leave without making new acquaintances and making new friends!

Where to book : htt103: // www. lesimore. com

Glamping in a large forest glade two hours drive from Moscow. You can choose one of 22 tents on wooden floors or from 12 design houses. It is not customary to make noise in the camp, so you can get enough sleep and be alone with yourself and nature without unnecessary sounds.

Hiking and cycling, a cinema, books, picking berries and mushrooms are the main summer activities in the camp. If you like museums and excursions, you can take a boat to Tarusa, in an hour drive to Yasnaya Polyana and Melikhovo or to the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve with bison from the Red Book.

Where to book : htt137: // zelenayatro157a. com

Boho cam182 - Indian-style glamping on the border of Karelia and the Leningrad region. The stay is as comfortable as possible: each tent is mounted on a wooden floor and equipped with a heater, a comfortable bed, warm blankets and a special installation that repels mosquitoes.

Near the houses there is a lounge area with armchairs and a grill area. For those who do not want to cook on their own, there is a restaurant on the campsite. You can rest and relax in hammocks and swings, and immerse yourself in a special platform for meditation. There is no Wi-Fi in the territory so that guests can relax from gadgets (mobile Internet and communication work).

Where to book : htt192: // bohocam200.


Space for those who are tired of the stuffy city, 43 kilometers from St. Petersburg. In the picnic park on the shore of Lake Bannoe you can rent a grill house, safari tent, a lake bath, a tent with a bonfire, a terrace or a meadow with barbecue, as well as a place for camping. Husky live in the park, you can play with them or arrange a photo shoot. Guests also enjoy boating, playing volleyball and learning to ride a SUP-surf on the lake.

Where to book : https: // www. parklesok. ru

On Altai is so beautiful that staying in a city hotel is a crime. We found the perfect option: a tent mini-hotel away from popular tourist routes on the banks of the mountain river Yedigem. In the "Forest and the Sea" you can come on a tour for 8 days or book an individual trip.

Transfer to the camp by helicopter, no other options. All week - trekking in the surrounding mountains, animal trails, trekking to the secret peak, from where you can see Mount Belukha. In his free time - traditional mountain activities: horseback riding, archery, board games and swimming in the font, as well as meditation with a bewitching view of the Belukha!

Where to book : http: // altay. lesimore. com

The best glampings of Russia: 8 options for an unusual holiday

Photo: "Mountain Convent"

Crimea was created for outdoor sports.

With hiking and hiking, everything is clear, but what about yoga? The center of yoga retreats " Mountain Abode "is located in the village of Zelenogorye on the southern coast of Crimea, near Alushta. To the sea - five minutes by car, on the territory there is a spacious practice room with all the necessary equipment. The center is small - only seven tents. Each of them has beds, electric lighting, sockets. Wi-Fi is available throughout the camp.

The food in the center, as it should be, is Ayurvedic: the cooks prepare dishes from local products and are ready to take into account any wishes according to the type of food.

Where to book : http: // gornaya-obitel. com

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