The benefits of squats - what give, what are useful for men and women

Squats - a basic exercise used in many sports disciplines. Due to the variety of techniques, the element is used for various purposes: losing weight, gaining muscle mass, and lifting the figure. Both simple squats and power squats with weights have health and fitness benefits.

The benefits of squats - what give, what are useful for men and women

The use of squats without weight

Complex multi-joint exercises have a positive effect not only on the figure of an athlete, but also on the work of internal organs and systems. To begin with, we offer to analyze in detail the advantages of squats without weights.

Strengthening the body

Do not count on large muscle volumes, performing squats with your own weight. For hypertrophy of muscle fibers, additional loads are needed. But if the athlete’s goal is to tone the muscles and work out the relief, then squats without weight are better than others for general strengthening training.


Squats include a lot of muscles. Thanks to this, the athlete quickly consumes calories and gets rid of subcutaneous fat.

Intensive multi-rep squats have a positive effect on accelerating metabolic processes, which also helps to reduce body fat.

Workout of the lower body

For women who want to have rounded buttocks and tightened hips, squats are the main training element. With the help of some variations, you can accentuate the problem areas. For example, plie squats perfectly strengthen the inner thighs.

Rehabilitation of athletes

Squats without weights are often included by physiotherapists in the rehabilitation program after injuries or operations.

Due to moderate loads and the complex nature of the training, these elements help to effectively restore the musculoskeletal system, restore mobility.

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Intense squats with your own weight - full-fledged cardiac load. With the high-speed type of training, rapid breathing occurs. This strengthens the heart muscle - myocardium, improves blood circulation throughout the body, increases the athlete's overall endurance.

Improving the reproductive system

Squats are useful for men who want to have a long, active sex life.

The benefit in this case is associated with increased blood circulation in the pelvic organs and with natural massage of the prostate gland, which prevents harmful congestion, improves the functioning of the reproductive system.

Advantages of weight squats

Power squats with extra weight also have a number of useful properties. For example, athletes involved in powerlifting, squats with a barbell are necessary, because they provide an opportunity to increase body weight and muscle strength, which is certainly useful in other basic exercises: bench press and deadlift.

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders additionally develop stabilizing muscles, as well as strengthen ligaments and tendons.Thanks to this, the athlete becomes more mobile, he improves coordination and a sense of balance.

In addition, strong muscles and ligaments help increase speed.

When performing power squats, the hormonal system is stimulated. As a result, testosterone, the main male hormone responsible for muscle growth, increased strength, the formation of secondary sexual characteristics and the normal functioning of the nervous system, is being intensively produced.

Recommendations for implementation

To achieve a positive effect from the squats, you must strictly follow the technique. We offer professional athletes tips that will help avoid injuries and make your training as productive as possible:

  • Before each workout, knead your entire body well.

    This will help avoid injuries.

  • Squats with a barbell on your shoulders should be carried out in a special power frame, which has stops on which you can safely “lose” weight.
  • Do not place objects under your heels. If you want to squat with a lot of weight, get a pair of weights with heels.
  • Beginners are not recommended to grab the bar with a wide grip so as not to lose balance.

  • Hold the bar at least below the rear deltoids. Otherwise, the load on the shoulder joints increases.
  • In order not to fall, do not “tumble” the body forward while lowering the body.
  • Climb to your starting position “standing” due to the work of the legs, not the muscles of the back.
  • The lowering of the body must be controlled.

    It is unacceptable to sharply "fall" down.

  • When lowering, do not bring your knees inward. The knee joints move in the plane of the feet.
  • When doing power squats, try to push off the floor with your whole foot.
  • When doing the exercise without additional weights, shift the body weight to the heels.

  • Squatting with a barbell on your shoulders, raise your head and look up at an angle of 50-60 °. This will help keep your back level.
  • Do not hold your breath. Lower with an inhale, with a powerful exhale - rise.

Beginners are advised to crouch in Smith's simulator.

This machine allows you to safely perform power elements.

To avoid serious injuries, it is advisable to use special bandages for the knees and a weightlifting belt.


Squatting is not recommended in the following cases:

  • untreated injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • scoliosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • hernia;
  • heart disease;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus;
  • recovery period after operations;
  • in the first 2 months after birth.

If you have health problems, be sure to visit your doctor before starting workouts. Otherwise, you risk harming yourself.

Answers to popular questions

Among inexperienced athletes, false beliefs and myths about squats are widespread. Let's try to refute them.

Is it true that squats have a bad effect on growth?

Answer . Growth is a genetic factor. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to reduce it.

Squats with a barbell not only do not reduce growth indicators, but, on the contrary, increase them due to increased production of hormones. Yes, it is believed that heavy weights “compress” the body, making the athlete lower, but this is unproven. If you are afraid for your height, do a soft stretch on the horizontal bar at the end of your workout.

To achieve quick results, you need to squat every day?

Answer . The leg muscles are tensed daily while walking.

Therefore, additional loads should be accompanied by quality rest. We recommend performing squats once a week. Squats with own weight - no more than three times a week.

Squats greatly increase the hips of girls?

Answer . Squats with your own body weight will not affect the increase in hips.

The maximum that you can get is muscle tone and a contoured relief. If you perform weight squats with weights, then in this case it will be extremely difficult to achieve large volumes, since the hormones in the girls are much lower than in men.



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