Testing your gadget: a Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet that counts calories eaten

After our article about the Healbe GoBe 2 gadget, the producer of The Challenger Ales Khrapykina decided to test one. Can a fitness bracelet become an indispensable assistant in achieving goals? For a month, Alesya went with a bracelet and tracked her results - and this is what came of it.

Testing your gadget: a Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet that counts calories eaten

Ales Khrapykina

- Can you imagine that a fitness bracelet can count calories consumed? Tell me when to drink water? And in the morning will tell you how good your dream was? A month ago, I could not even dream of such a thing. After a long vacation and missed workouts, the body relaxed and postponed a couple of extra pounds for a rainy day. I, as a former athlete and a person who "ate a dog" on weight loss (after leaving professional sport, gained and then threw off about 15 kg), I know that the main principle is this: energy consumption is higher than calories consumed.

Taking the Healbe GoBe 2 gadget for a test and reading a bunch of reviews about it, I set a goal not only to test all its functions, but also to lose those extra pounds. The idea turned out to be very attractive - all that was required of me was to train and listen to the bracelet. And the entire analysis of the main processes in the body is undertaken by a smart gadget: consumption and consumption of calories, water balance, quality of sleep, heart rate, kilometers traveled.

So, the application is installed, measurements are taken, and I, standing on the scales, begin my experiment. I'll start in order and tell you about the main function of the bracelet, which makes it unique.

Testing your gadget: a Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet that counts calories eaten

Photo: Ales Khrapykina

As soon as I put on the bracelet, I ran to breakfast - and then frantically updated the application to check how many calories I counted for the morning oatmeal with nuts. The gadget was suspiciously silent. Then I got caught up in the workflow. Then the smart bracelet reminded me that I should drink some water. No sooner said than done.

At the same time, I looked into the application - breakfast was taken into account with a slight error (I specifically calculated the caloric value of breakfast myself). The results of breakfast and other meals did not appear immediately in the clock (the result of breakfast appeared four hours later). I began to look for information on this issue.

For calorie counting, the innovative Flow technology is based on the use of three sensors: an accelerometer, a piezosensor and a bioimpedance meter. So the manufacturers explain the principle of counting: "After you eat, insulin helps glucose to penetrate the cell with water.

GoBe estimates the dynamics of extracellular fluid that is associated with the intake of glucose, and uses this information to calculate the calories received."

The delay in calculating calories is simple: each person has his own speed of processing food, so the process of calculating calories can last up to six hours.

Testing your gadget: a Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet that counts calories eaten

Photo: healbe.com

Then I decided to check the accuracy of the gadget - and began to eat using the healthy food delivery service, where my daily norm was 1,500 calories. Bottom line: the discrepancies were minimal - less than 5%.

This is unbelievable!

Yes, the calories consumed were not displayed immediately, but very clearly. How to adapt it? It's simple: I was guided by the calorie expenditure and by the evening I already realized whether I still have something to eat or not.

Another very important function of the bracelet is the calculation of calorie consumption. What surprised and pleased me was the accuracy with which the manufacturer approached the issue of measuring the distance traveled. For efficiency, you need to measure the length of your step and add it to the application.

You can see the number of steps and the calculated distance both on the phone and on the bracelet display with a few taps on a single button on the side. When calculating, the energy consumption for providing all the functions of the body during the day is also taken into account - the basic exchange. Moreover, in the days of minimal activity, the bracelet showed the minimum value of the basal metabolism, that is, he did not calculate the same indicator for all days.

The application generates a graph of energy. It allows you to visually assess how much per day has come, and how many calories have gone.

A negative difference between them will help to lose weight.

Testing your gadget: a Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet that counts calories eaten

Photo: Ales Khrapykina

I want to note two more important and convenient functions: control of hydration and sleep quality.

The terrible phrase “hydration control” is the water balance, which is also monitored by Flow technology and an impedance sensor. The calculations take into account weight, height, age and physical activity. Based on all these data, the application calculates how much liquid to drink per day, and reminds (vibrates on the hand) of the need to pour yourself a glass of water.

In the morning, the bracelet will tell you how good the dream was. During sleep, the gadget takes into account all movements, heart rate and phases of sleep. You can set the time of awakening, and the bracelet - in the right phase of sleep for awakening - will begin to vibrate. But there are also disadvantages: I was not used to sleeping with him, he was too bulky, hit myself a couple of times in a dream and my husband got it. Therefore, I shot it at night.

Testing your gadget: a Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet that counts calories eaten

Photo: Ales Khrapykina

As a result, I, of course, achieved my goal, but there is always something to work on, so I set myself new goal.

The smart bracelet turned out to be really smart, but still you should not expect from him that he will immediately inform you that today it is time to stop eating and you need to go to train. No, everything is still in your hands.

Healbe GoBe 2 fitness bracelet is a good thing to track the dynamics of changes in the body, to monitor health (pulse, stress and sleep). And in conjunction with other gadgets to achieve the goal will become even easier.



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