Terrain Training Program

Most often, training on muscle relief is carried out after training programs designed for mass, in order to give them a beautiful appearance, shape and remove excess fat. You don’t need to hide good muscles, right?

Therefore, we will get rid of the fat together!

How is fat getting rid?

In addition to corrections in training and exercises, you need to follow a clear diet . What is special about it?

  1. The daily norm of protein is 2-3 g per kg of body weight. Try not to eat more than 30-40g at a time, as a larger amount will overload your digestion.

  2. The amount of carbohydrates will need to be reduced.

    The norm of carbohydrates during training on relief is 50-60 g of carbohydrates per day. Within 1-2 weeks, reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake to the desired, do not do it abruptly!

  3. Do not refuse to eat fat, but it should not be large. Keep their intake low. 10% of calories should be reserved for fats.

  4. Be sure to buy various vitamin and mineral complexes, because the body will not receive them during the diet, which is not very good.

Terrain Training Program

Duration of training

The duration of the training should be 40-50 minutes. Why so many? Because during this time the activation of the hormone cartisol will not occur. Kartizol contributes to the loss of muscle, muscle mass along with fat.

The reason for its activation is the lack of energy sources, which then put the proteins (proteins - this is what muscles consist of). The purpose of training for relief is to burn fat mass and leave muscle.

We strongly recommend taking BCAAs before and during your workout. They will help to deliver to the body what is needed to preserve protein and muscle mass.

Terrain Training Program

Frequency of training

It is recommended to train often. 4 to 6 workouts per week. Why is that? Terrain training does not include training with heavy weights and very hard training, after which rest is required.

Rest is no longer needed physical, but psychological.

The full cycle of the programs below is designed for 1-3 months.

Terrain Training Program

The training program for the relief for men and girls

The weight for the exercises is independently chosen by everyone, but wisely. The weight should be such that you can do the exercise with the perfect technique, and not "and this will do." Rest between sets of 1.

5 to 2 minutes.

In the programs for large muscle groups, 3 exercises are assigned, and for small groups - 2.

Exercise number of approaches X number of repetitions.

Terrain Training Program


  1. Bench press 3-4x8-12
  2. Bench press (dumbbells) 3x15-20
  3. Bringing the hands of the simulator to the chest 3x15-20
  4. Biceps with a barbell standing 3-4x8-12
  5. Biceps with dumbbells sitting 3x15-20
  6. Calm run 20 min.


  1. Deadlift - the first week, the second - pull-ups 3-4x8-12
  2. Link of the upper block 3x15-20
  3. Lower block pull 3x15-20
  4. Bench press (narrow grip) 3-4x8-12
  5. triceps on a block with a rope handle 3x15-20
  6. Easy run 20 min.


  1. Squats 3-4x8-12
  2. Extensions 3-15x20
  3. Bends 3x15-20
  4. Sitting bench press 3-4x8-12
  5. Lifting dumbbells to the sides while standing 3x15-20
  6. Easy run 20 min.

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  1. Twisting 3x20-25
  2. Press on the horizontal bar 3x15-20
  3. Easy run 20 min.

Rest Wednesday and Sunday. Saturday - rest, or light run 40 minutes (depending on fatigue, recovery).

Terrain Training Program


Relief training program


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com / programma-trenirovok-na-relief

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