TEDx conference will be held in Krasnaya Polyana

At the conference, Russian surfing champion Irina Kosobukina, the founder of the agency of age models Igor Gavar, bungee-jump master Tatyana Bezborodova and other inspirational speakers will speak.

February 2, at the Krasnaya Polyana resort in Sochi, the world-famous TEDx conference will be held. The topic of TEDxKrasnayaPolyana is "On the Edge" . Speakers will share stories about choosing, overcoming, gaining self-confidence.

Speakers at the conference:

  • Irina Skvortsova , Russian athlete, member of the bobsled team.

    Topic: "Hopeless situations are not a sentence";

  • Alexander Galitsky , Managing Partner, Almaz Ca151ital Partners Venture Fund. Topic: "How to realize yourself in the global world and remain independent";
  • Maxim Spiridonov , general director of the educational holding "Netologiya-groups". Topic: "Extreme Entrepreneurship";
  • Irina Kosobukina , the Russian champion in surfing . Topic: "The courage to be abnormal";
  • Tatyana Bezborodova , jump master Sky155ark AJ Hackett Sochi. Topic: "Fear as an engine of progress";
  • Dmitry Karpov , a member of the British Association of Designers and Art Directors D.

    amp; AD. Topic: "Design thinking";

  • Evgeny Belyaev , ex-director H. amp; M. Topic: "Processing of things in the fashion industry";
  • Julia Romanovskaya , Leading radio station Max FM. Topic: “Voice and your psychological problems”;
  • Igor Gavar , founder agencies of age models Oldushka.

    Topic: "The revolution of the elderly in the world of fashion";

  • Irina Shulgesterova , curator environmental activities of the Dolphin Rescue Center "Delpha". Subject: "Let us return the sea to dolphins".

Gathering of guests - from 16:00 to 17:00, then until 21:00 - speeches by speakers. After the conference, a party awaits the participants.

The cost of tickets is from 4900 rubles .

You can buy them at the site161> conference.



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