Tatyana Guseva: “For many people, the ego requires fame and honor”

Tatyana Guseva: “For many people, the ego requires fame and honor”

Photo: from the personal archives of Tatiana

-I came to crossfit in 2010-then so few people were engaged in it that they could be counted on the fingers of one hand. I was getting ready to speak at historical fencing competitions and saw the training of Yegor Golubev, who was one of the founders of crossfit in Russia - he was doing something incomprehensible, but kind of fun. I realized that it would help me prepare and defeat everyone. And so it happened.

How exactly did crossfit hook me? First of all, variety.

You know, if you eat potatoes for half of your life, then carrots for another half, only eggs and a year old mayonnaise for a couple of years, then it bothers you anyway, and everyone loves always the classic Olivier salad. I also liked that you really are getting better, stronger, stronger and healthier, because crossfit is primarily about health. Unless, of course, your coach is an idiot.

After the start of my crossfit classes, I came across a huge number of myths and misconceptions about him.

The first and main myth is that crossfit is traumatic.

Although this is partly true. On the one hand, the blame is on enthusiasts who lay out their victories and records with round backs and twitching pull-ups for everyone to see instead of working on the technique for a long and methodical fix. On the other hand, there are a lot of really bad coaches in crossfit who, having passed two-day courses and received a coveted certificate from the hands of overseas like-minded people, think that they know everything - and anyone can teach it to everyone.

Tatyana Guseva: “For many people, the ego requires fame and honor”

Photo: from Tatiana’s personal archives

Second myth: CrossFit is too expensive. Yes, the cost of an annual card to the conditional fitness center "Daisy" with a pool and a sauna can be cheaper than in CrossFit-studio.

And people think: why do we need expensive activities if you can endlessly swing your biceps in front of a mirror and become taller, stronger, healthier and thinner? But most likely, they will not.

Third: CrossFit is too complicated. YouTube is replete with rollers, where bodies shiny from sweat move inhuman weights, walk on hands, hang out on rings. Looking at all this, any sane person will think: this is not for me, it is too complicated. Although, I confess, I also think so from time to time.

And the last myth: crossfit makes women look like men. But do not confuse professional athletes and average visitors to the hall. Athletes have chosen their own path - with “banks”, cubes, swayed legs and the inability to look like a gentle fairy in a lace dress, and ordinary girls will only benefit from strength training and certainly will not make pumped men out of them.

Tatyana Guseva: “For many people, the ego requires fame and honor”

Photo: from Tatyana’s personal archives

If you want to do crossfit, don’t be afraid of all this. Choose a room, sign up and have fun.

Of course, in my case, crossfit is not only coaching, your training, it’s also business and speaking at competitions. The last thing is closest to me - probably, for many people the ego requires fame and honor, and coaching is boring, tedious and often ungrateful.

The competitions are everywhere different at the same time, but they are the same: you get nervous, tune in, then everything is like in a fog, and then you feel great ...

or not.

Tatyana Guseva: “For many people, the ego requires fame and honor”

Photo: from Tatyana’s personal archives

Speaking of competitions, one can not help but say about the Big Cup, which will begin in a few days. In fact, this is the Russian CrossFit Championship, the largest and most important competition among Russian (and not only) athletes. Its heroes, its own glory. This event is important primarily in terms of promoting crossfit.

Yes, the ordinary visitor to the gym doesn’t give a damn who won the Big Cup, but advertising, photos and videos on social networks make the sport popular and fashionable, more and more people will learn about it, and this is very important for all of humanity as a whole and for such people, like me - coaches and hall owners.

And as for the plans for the Big Cup - first of all I want to ride a bike. And then how it goes. I love to ride a bike.



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