TAG Heuer to partner with Giro E

Within the framework of the ABB FIA Formula E championship, which was held on April 14 in Rome, the collaboration of the famous watch brand and a new series of bicycle races was announced.

Giro E is the debut season of the legendary bicycle race Giro D'Italia, in which riders will compete on electric bicycles. To present the new race, the organizers decided to arrange in the center of Rome (at the same place where the first Italian Formula E-Prix race took place) a test-run between the Formula E electric car and the electric bike. Star racers are former Formula 1 pilot Giancarlo Fisichella and young cyclist Gianni Moscon.

Photo: TAG Heuer

Photo: TAG Heuer

Photo: TAG Heuer

Giro E is the new format of the Giro D'Italia cycling race, created especially for amateur cyclists who can ride along the same track as professionals.

The debut season of Giro E starts on May 8 in Catania (Sicily) and will be held at the foot of Mount Etna.



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