TAG Heuer Introduces Formula 1 Edition Spéciale Gulf

The brand new product celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first victory of the Gulf team in the 24 Hours of Le Mans racing series. The Swiss company also presented a limited series of 50 copies of the Monaco Gulf model.

Two flagship models of the TAG Heuer collection are made in the legendary colors of the Gulf company: the blue and orange stripes on the dial remind of the origin. The watch is ideal for motorsport: it is completely made of steel, and a small counter determines the time with an accuracy of tenths of a second. The model is complemented by a blue leather strap with orange stitching.

TAG Heuer Introduces Formula 1 Edition Spéciale Gulf

Photo: TAG Heuer

Fifty copies of the Monaco Gulf model bear the Gulf Anniversary emblem and part number XX / 50. A few days before the anniversary race, the brand invited several guests to an exclusive cocktail party in Monaco. Everyone was given the opportunity to drive on the Var highway in the city of Le Luc at the wheel of a copy of the Ford GT 40 model, which won its first victory in the Le Mans 24 hour racing series 50 years ago.



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