Swimwear Guide: What to Go to the Beach This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and many have not decided which swimsuit to bring to the sea. Let's figure out what is fashionable this season and what it will be especially nice to sunbathe and swim.

It's time to forget about the stereotype that a one-piece swimsuit is an option for grandmothers. On the contrary, the nuns conquered the hearts of girls around the world, because they are not only associated with Pamela Anderson from "Rescue Malibu", but also help to hide some of the flaws of the figure.

  • This season is still in fashion restrained one-piece swimsuits on wide straps and with a high waistline.

  • Do not forget about more elegant models: with an extreme neckline or deep cuts on the sides or on the back. Such swimwear will look elegant and elegant (especially if you add them with accessories).
  • More recently, more restrained models have come into fashion - "under the throat" or with a straight neckline. Such swimsuits look modest, but at the same time emphasize all the advantages of the figure.
  • Lovers of active sports will appreciate the fashion for sports swimwear.

    Of course, taking a swimming cap to the resort is optional, but a swimsuit in a sports style is possible.

  • Particular attention should be paid to asymmetric one-shoulder swimwear. Moreover, they can be both merged and separate.
  • From the 60s, we returned to the fashion for swimwear with cutouts on the sides. Retro is the main trend of this summer.


- The deep neckline and cuts on the hips emphasize the bends of the figure. Such a swimsuit looks great both on its own and in company with other items of beachwear. Wearing it, you will definitely become the star of a beach party.

As for the asymmetry, it recalls the times when monokini and body were at the peak of popularity. Such a swimsuit is so self-sufficient that it does not require any additions.

An ideal pair with an open shoulder is a cutout on the side. All this magnificence strives to send us back to the 80s!

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Of course, the bikini also did not disappear anywhere - not from the catwalks, nor from the beaches. The following varieties of this swimsuit are especially popular this season:

  • "Two strings and three triangles" - bikini-style zero is especially relevant. Frank models are presented in literally all brands. Such an ageless classic.

  • Bandeau swimwear is also still on stage - largely due to the girls' eternal desire to tan “without these white stripes” (although rumor has it that white stripes are also the trend of the season).
  • Retro-bikini with inflated swimming trunks - these models are easy to find both in premium brands and in ordinary mass-market stores.
  • Sets with a wide top are already loved by many fashionistas, such bodices very favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure, but you will have to sacrifice a tan, of course.


- A classic bikini will suit girls with any type of figure. Such a swimsuit is universal - it can be combined with any items of beachwear and mix with panties and bodices from other swimwear.

And it is also ideal for lovers of even tanning - thin straps practically do not leave marks on the skin.

Now let's talk about colors and prints. This season, you should pay attention to the model of "not too complex" colors. Contrast top and bottom is also not news, but is still in fashion. In addition, the main trend is geometricity (as opposed to the impressionist strokes of past seasons).

So this summer Mondrian and Malevich are in fashion, not Monet.

  • Black is always out of competition, he is winning emphasizes both tanned and marbled skin. But it is better to refuse white in this season.
  • Another trend is nude. All shades of flesh and beige will look advantageous on any skin.

    Fortunately, choosing the right shade for a swimsuit is now as easy as powder.

  • The color of the season is 234tra violet. Saturated and luminous, it is associated with the cosmos and the world of the future.
  • It is worth paying attention to all kinds of shades of yellow - from calm mustard to screaming canary. However, fluorescent shades are best avoided - they are no longer in vogue.

  • You should also be careful with red: the saturated and cheerful color of Cherry Tomato and its more restrained version Chi164 Oil are in fashion today - a descendant of the Marsala shade that was fashionable last season.
  • It is better to choose “gloomy” and “muffled” shades of blue and green this season. Dark emerald, aquamarine or gray-blue are ideal for relaxing on the beach and emphasize the beauty of the skin.
  • As for the prints, last year's trends can be noted here: animalistic prints (leopard, zebra - hi, zero!) Are in fashion. But with plants it is worth being more careful, last year's palms and the year before last hemp leaves are no longer relevant.

    If you want something "from the flora", it is better to choose exotic fruits (suitable, for example, banana or mango).

  • Logomania - again flashback from zero. If just recently it seemed insipid, today you can safely put on a swimsuit with the brand name or logo and catch admiring glances.
  • And, of course, we return to the retro theme again and again: peas are super popular this season. It can be large or small peas, monochrome or color print - there are models for every taste.


- Beige swimsuit with the effect of a naked body - a trend that does not lose ground and in this season. This option effectively emphasizes the tan and natural beauty of its owner. Our principle: less decor - more effect!

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Finally, we will discuss textures and decorative elements. As always, designers experiment with fabrics and materials:

  • This summer, pay attention to lace-up swimwear - front, back or sides. Whether it's ribbons, laces with tassels, leather straps - everything will do.

  • Many designers make swimsuits with a zipper - if it is in front, then it is better not to fasten it to the end in order to slightly lower the neckline line.
  • The mesh can also be a great addition to the basic model of a swimsuit - it can be either part of the product or worn separately.
  • And to shine by the pool, you can pay attention to the set with drapery - it does not load the image and at the same time makes it more refined and sophisticated.




The range of shapes, colors and textures is huge - the choice is yours! But it is worth remembering that it is better to focus on one thing: whether it is an extravagant style, a flashy color or a bright detail. The main thing is not to overdo it.

We thank Ekaterina Kassin for help in preparing this article , stylist-consultant ELLE Russia.



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