Svetlana Efremova, founder of the Saharok store: “In business, it is important to understand your audience, and even better, to be part of it”

- More than anything in the world I wanted (and at the same time was afraid) to open my own business - I did not have a financial "airbag". Not to say that I was fond of jewelry: I could sell everything that I really liked, even towels, but for something large-scale I simply did not have enough money. I chose the jewelry absolutely intuitively. I spent 30,000 rubles on the first small batch - I then made a post on instagram, and all the models were immediately sold out. Two months after the launch, a close friend, who also had her own project, suggested that I share a small room with her on Bolshaya Nikitskaya - she and the team used it twice a week for her Stay Hungry project.

So "Sugar" appeared the first showroom in the center of Moscow. I laid out jewelry on a marble slab weighing seventy kilograms, and in order to remove it from the table each time, I had to go outside and ask the men passing by to help. Everyone laughed at me then, but I thought that I simply needed this heavy marble slab, because without it the image


would be incomplete.

Over the name for the store, I thought about a month and a half. Now everyone says that I need some kind of beautiful legend, but it's really simple: sugar - that's what friends call me.

In any business, it is very important to understand your audience, and even better - to be part of it. By the time the project appeared, I was a girl who bought simple rings for 1,500-2,000 rubles. When I wanted to understand what niche in the market to occupy, I asked myself the question: what would be interesting to me and my friends? At that time, large plastic jewelry was in fashion, but I relied on minimalism.

And it was not a serious calculation, but intuition.

About six months after the launch of Sugar in Russia, a crisis began, and many entrepreneurs who made purchases in foreign currency instantly went into a minus with a change in rate .

I also brought some of the jewelry from Hong Kong, but the volume was very small - it saved me.

During the crisis, many Russian designers appeared on the market who began to make good inexpensive jewelry - I quickly switched to them. Himere is the first Russian brand that I started selling, and after half a year requests from our designers simply rained down on me: everyone wanted to be sold in Sugar. Now 99% of the brands that turn to us, we refuse. It is very important for me that the designer treat his business as a job, and not as a hobby.

Much depends on this in our interaction with him, including whether the brand can cope with the quantity of deliveries we need.

- In the three and a half years of the existence of the Sugar, I realized: there is nothing more complicated than putting together a team of enthusiastic and not indifferent people. It seems to me that in business there are no more complex tasks. This is probably the only reason why I still do not have stores abroad.

The culture of wearing simple jewelry is only being formed.

Large models of unusual shapes are in fashion today, and I think this trend will continue in the near future. We in the store support this trend - we have many similar beautiful jewelry. Nevertheless, girls still want to buy universal things that are appropriate in any situation and which can be worn without taking off. The most popular jewelry in Sugar is simple carnations and bracelets.

- The Sugar audience is growing with us.

So now, when I myself want to wear small diamonds, it seems to me that our customers will also be happy to wear them.

In December we launched our own production, so now Sugar is not only a multi-brand store, but also a brand of jewelry. It took a whole year - a year after the samples of the collection were ready - but I think this is the best we have done in the history of the project. We will develop this area as a priority. This is a real challenge for the team - we are all involved in the development of jewelry.

We have invested a million to build a new site that we want to use as a media platform for interviews and video content - this is also an important area for development.



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