"Surrender is not in my rules": how Sergey Karnaukhov lost 100 kg and became the champion in the bench press

Due to unsuccessful medical manipulation, Sergey Karnaukhov was restricted in his movements from childhood, due to bad habits and inactive lifestyle, he gained weight of 200 kg. But he was able to pull himself together: he turned his house into a gym, and himself into a candidate for a master of sports and a champion in bench press. Here is his story.

- My path in sports began when I once saw myself in a photograph and was horrified. I weighed 200 kilograms, led a rampant lifestyle - drank, smoked, was a hostage to the herd instinct: where everything is - there I am.

I didn’t move much - as a child I was given an unsuccessful injection, because of this my leg problems started. At first they didn’t work at all: I crawled, then I walked on crutches. Other health problems appeared due to being overweight: pressure, for example, began to go off the scale.

I had a choice: either I fall into the abyss and go to the next world, or I start to do something and change my life. I chose the second.

But where to start? I live in a small village in the Bryansk region. Then I had no Internet, no special books, no big money. I was limited, dependent on the people who surrounded me. To change the circle of friends would mean to be alone. This is scary.

I decided to start playing sports. There was no gym in the village - why not make it at home? Here are just simulators in our country are very expensive. But one of the companies went to meet me and allowed me to take the equipment in installments.

I was obsessed, walked in holey sneakers, stopped celebrating birthdays - I saved and knew: I’ll pay for this simulator - I’ll take the next one. He quit smoking: he calculated how much money was spent on cigarettes, and realized that instead I could buy another simulator in a year.

At first I studied for 5-7 hours. There were puddles of sweat under the exercise bike, my muscles ached - but this is a pleasant pain, through it I became stronger. I used to study at night: I could get up and go pedal.

The main thing is to hold out for three to four weeks. Then the result is already visible, and this stimulates the continuation of classes.

After sports it becomes a habit. And after two or three months you will already be telling your friends and acquaintances about the importance of exercising and eating right.

In the photo: Sergey Karnaukhov gym

I have been assembling my home gym for a long time, now training has become my lifestyle. When you live in the gym, it cannot be otherwise. Sometimes I go to open the curtains - and do a hundred push-ups on the bars along the way.

Some are sure that home exercise machines are dust collectors. But this is just an excuse: if a person wants to do it, he will do it at home. No - there won’t be in the gym with a good coach.

Many do not understand: how can I spend money on pieces of iron? Buying an expensive phone is cool, and buying a simulator that your grandchildren will practice on, which will help you build your body and become healthy, is ridiculous. But public opinion no longer affects me.

The main thing is that then I would not be offended by the aimlessly lived years.

Sergey Karnaukhov

I did not limit myself very much in food. Refused alcohol - and the weight immediately went down. It turns out that this is a very high-calorie product. I saw the result, and it inspired me to move on in the same direction.

If I want to eat a piece of cake, eat it. But then I have to work it out on simulators.

I have lost more than 100 kilograms, but I still have excess weight. I'm working on it. If a person quickly loses weight, he begins to have skin problems.

I have nowhere to hurry, sometimes I specially slow down.

I had breakdowns on the way to normal weight. Once, after a stressful situation, I gained 27 kilograms in three months. But he was able to stop, pulled himself together and got rid of these kilograms.

Many people want to get a magic pill from me, they ask: how to lose weight, how to pump up? I always say that there is a single and very simple rule: you need to eat less and move more.

Moreover, the movement is not necessarily a gym. You can go up and down the stairs, abandon the bus and walk a couple of stops on foot.

In order not to give up, I started a channel on


(now on the channel Sergey Karnaukhova "Don't lose heart! "signed by more than 96 thousand people. - Approx. ed.

). I thought of finding those who are losing weight so that we inspire and support each other. I created a channel to control me, but it turned out that my story has inspired many to change: people get rid of bad habits, go to gyms. Begin to appreciate what they have. Every day letters come to my mail with new stories.

In the photo: Sergey Karnaukhov

I studied at home for a long time, and then still came to the gym. When the coach saw my results, he was in shock. We decided to prepare for the bench press competition. The closest were among healthy people - I went there. And took first place.

It was a powerful incentive for me, I continued to train.

Then he participated in the championship of Russia on the bench press of the bench among people with disabilities, the championship was held in Kursk. There I received the status of a candidate for master of sports.

I used to be reserved and uncommunicative. He sweated at the sight of strangers, could not talk, and hid his eyes.

Sport took away all the negativity and all the uncertainty from me.

When I just started, I did not see where I was going. People around bought new cars, and I had only simulators and the prospect of finding a beautiful body. Sport has changed my life great - I have no regrets about anything. I wanted my story to help others decide for a change.

I sent out profiles, participated in competitions.

Once he reached the final of the “Will to Win” competition from the Under Armor sportswear brand and became the face of this company. It turned out in Moscow: filming, cameras, motor ...

It's great that the brand supports athletes around the world and creates equipment that helps them achieve good results. Sometimes I ask myself: Seryoga, how did you manage to do this? If you think that they will come and help you, do not sit and do not think - you need to act.

In the photo: Sergey Karnaukhov

Health is now in order. Now I walk with a cane, I no longer need crutches. A few years ago I didn’t really plan anything, I didn’t see the future, and now I started to dream.

My biggest dream is to gain freedom of movement. Surrender is not in my rules. I am moving towards this goal and hope that the dream comes true.

Yes, I once led the wrong way of life. But, without receiving this experience, I would be different.

Perhaps not better than I am now. Now I know: one who could defeat himself will be able to reach any heights.



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