“Sufficient is better than excess”: Anna Pracht on business and informed consumption in Russia

For us it is important what message we bring to people together with our product. Companies that only think about profit are doomed. For us, informed consumption is one of the main guidelines. It is as important as the design or functionality of our bags. We want our customers to follow the principles of informed consumption.

We decided not to create models of backpacks and bags that are relevant for one season. Things outside of trends always look stylish; they can be worn for many seasons in a row. We design our products so that accessories are combined with clothes in any style. This allows you to do with fewer bags and backpacks. If the accessory needs repair, it can be returned to one of the stores, this also extends the period of use.

We accept the used bags of our brand for trade-in. We give things in good condition to those in need. We disassemble other bags and backpacks for details, we use reusable elements: we make key holders, covers for plastic cards, and supports for mugs from the remains. That which cannot be recycled is disposed of in accordance with all the rules. People who take things after use to the store receive a discount on new products.

There are no plastic bags in our stores. We also don’t use plastic — just crumpled paper — to shape the bags. In the office we do not have plastic cups, we sort the garbage.



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