Stretching your arms and shoulder girdle - the best exercises

After strength training, the muscles of the hands and shoulder girdle should be relaxed and pulled with good quality. This is necessary to improve the blood supply to tissues, because when the muscle is in good shape, the vessels are pinched and the blood cannot fully convey the nutrients. And good nutrition contributes to faster muscle growth. Also, stretching the biceps, triceps and shoulders serves as a prophylaxis of injuries, increases the flexibility and mobility of the joints. The complex of stretching exercises described in the article will help to correctly complete the hand training.

Recommendations before performing the exercises

Stretching the shoulder girdle, like the rest of the body, is best done in a warm state. The best option is to do stretching after the main workout. If stretching exercises are performed on days free from training, then to eliminate injury to the ligaments and joints, you need to warm up the whole body well. A great option for warming up is running - run 2-3 kilometers and start stretching.

Stretching your arms and shoulder girdle - the best exercises

It is important to know that doing stretching exercises should not cause pain.

Sharp movements should not be allowed - do the exercises smoothly with a gradual increase in amplitude. At the extreme points (when the stretching is maximum) linger for a few seconds. Focus on the muscles and joints that are currently involved.

Proper breathing allows you to increase the efficiency of exercises - exhale at the time of bending, when the chest naturally contracts. The most important factor to achieve a good stretch is the regularity of the exercises.

Stretch biceps

Stretch biceps is one of the important factors of growth of this muscle. Thanks to stretching, the biceps stop shortening and lose flexibility. Due to improved blood supply, biceps recovery occurs 15-25% faster.

Stretching your arms and shoulder girdle - the best exercises

Here are a few tricks that will help to stretch this muscle:

  1. To perform the first exercise, you need to stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart, clasp your hands behind your back with your palms pointing down. In this position, raise straight arms up without bending the body.

    Try to feel the stretch in your biceps.

  2. Stand with your back to the door jamb or the bar of the horizontal bar. Take one hand back and grasp the jamb with your hand so that your thumb is pointing up. Now try to turn your arm around its axis with your biceps down, while the brush should not turn around. Perform this exercise for both hands and continue to the next.

  3. You will need a horizontal bar for this exercise. Just hang on the horizontal bar, holding onto it with a supinated (reverse) grip. Hang on outstretched arms as much as you can.

Stretch triceps

Stretch triceps, as in the case of biceps promotes the growth of this muscle.Do not forget that it is triceps that give the main volume to the arm (70% of the volume), which is why this muscle should be well developed.

Stretching your arms and shoulder girdle - the best exercises

Triceps stretching exercises are as follows:

  1. The first exercise will require inventory, namely a towel. Take it in one hand and wrap it by the head so that the thumb is pointing to the floor. Get your free hand behind your back and grab a towel. Pull the towel down; you should feel the triceps stretch. Perform this exercise for both hands and proceed to the next.

  2. No inventory is required for this exercise. In a standing or sitting position, hold your hand behind the head, with your free hand, grab the elbow and pull to the head. Hold your hand in this position for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Put your left hand on your right shoulder. With your right hand, grab the elbow and push your left hand toward the body.

    Then change hands.

Stretching the muscles of the shoulders

Stretching the shoulders, in the absence of problems with the spine , able to make a stooped, hunched man - a man with excellent posture. Also, exercises to increase flexibility in the muscles of the shoulder girdle help improve blood circulation in the upper part of the body and facilitate breathing.

You can stretch your shoulders as follows:

  1. One of the simplest exercises: press the right hand to the left shoulder as much as possible, with the left hand you can press the right in the elbow area. Change hands and do it again.

  2. An effective exercise to improve the flexibility of the shoulder girdle is performed as follows: you need to put one hand behind the head, and the second behind the back and try to lock them into the castle as far as possible. Hold this position for 10 seconds and swap hands. If you have problems with posture, then this exercise may not work for you. Have to stretch your hands alternately.
  3. Stand facing the wall, rest your hands on it.

    Place your hands as close to each other as possible. Move your legs away from the wall as far as possible. Lower your head down and bend around the lower back. You will feel a stretch in the shoulders, chest and spine.

Perform the exercises presented each time after a strength training.

If you purposefully train flexibility - do them at least 3 times a week. Then the result will not be long in coming. Alternate exercises, combine them with others.

Try to develop the flexibility of all muscles at the same time - this will significantly reduce the risk of injuries during sports.



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