Stress Management: Moby Tells

On October 14, American musician Moby released a new album. No, this is not an album to meditate on - although he also has one. Vladimir Borisenkov tells how a famous DJ and singer gets rid of stress.

Stress Management: Moby Tells

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Work in the studio, constant concerts, frantic rhythm - often artists have a hard time, even despite the millions that they earn.

Moby found his way to relax. And this is not alcohol, sex or food. This is meditation.


American DJ, singer, composer

- It seemed to me that transcendental meditation (TM) is some kind of sacrifice to the gods, moving to another country and giving up all wealth and materialism. But having studied this question in more detail, I was surprised: this type of meditation is very simple.

This is a common practice that helps calm the mind. Well, the main thing that attracted me to TM was David Lynch. Yes, my idol is also engaged in meditation - for me this is the main indicator of its effectiveness. Nothing else helps me focus and calm my mind. The reason for effectiveness is that such meditation does not take much time.

And I, as a terribly lazy person, appreciated this.

Stress Management: Moby Tells

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Because of the name you probably already decided that this is some kind of complex and wildly abstruse way of relaxation. But this is not so. One of the main ideological inspirers of transcendental meditation is Maharishi Yoga, who, incidentally, taught The Beatles this direction.

Maharishi said: "Transcendental meditation is perhaps the easiest and most natural way of meditation known to man. You simply sit with your eyes closed on the floor for 20 minutes every morning and every evening and repeat the mantra."

Moby was so inspired by this idea that he even put together a four-hour


for perfect meditation. This musical event, oddly enough, had a positive effect on the popularization of meditation around the world. Moby began to take part in various conferences devoted to a healthy lifestyle, where he told how he came to such a rhythm of life and gave useful tips for beginners who love meditation.

Here are the three most important:

  1. Self-criticism is ignoble. The question is very philosophical, and there is no exact answer. But Moby believes that this is very important for meditation, and we believe him.
  2. Awareness is not self-denial. A person’s deliberate choice, such as giving up meat, smoking or drinking, cannot be called renunciation.

  3. Don't do anything that makes you frown. So simple advice that at first it seems like some kind of silly platitude. But if you think carefully, you can safely say: this rule will definitely change your life for the better.


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