Strength training - why and how to do strength training

Performing strength exercises helps to strengthen muscles, increase their strength and volume, and also spend a large amount of energy, which is important for people who want to lose weight. However, weight training is not the best option to get rid of unnecessary pounds. Endurance training will be much more effective here. But why strength training is needed and what it can be - the topic of today's conversation.

Strength development

Strength training is practiced everywhere - in schools, the army, and sports clubs.

The method of strength training varies from ordinary squats without weight to heavy powerlifting in the gym.

Strength training - why and how to do strength training

When a person first goes to the gym, often his main goal is to pump up volumes. Such a thing as muscle strength goes by the wayside. As a result, many cease to be engaged, not seeing a noticeable "explosive" result.

However, it is important how many muscle fibers in the muscle work for the result, not its thickness.

Your strength in the first place depends not on the volume, but on the functional usefulness of the muscles. This explains an amazing phenomenon: a person with thinner hands than you can squeeze 100 kg from your chest, but you can’t.

Strength training is aimed at the general physical preparation of a person. For beginners, push-ups, pull-ups and squats are enough. For those who want to know the true capabilities of their body, training with iron is already useful.

Strength fitness involves many directions. All kinds of strength training are designed for varying degrees of physical development. Therefore, everyone can choose the most suitable methodology for strength training. The main thing, remember, you need to train regularly, otherwise the results will go away just as they came.

Strength training options

Good strength training involves versatile work on all the muscles of your body.

Home workouts

In most cases, these are non-weight training exercises, reminiscent of a mixture of exercises and gymnastics. This technique of strength training is characteristic, in particular, of the military, and has been practiced for a very long time.

Strength training - why and how to do strength training

Strength exercises at home from the side are similar to a circular training: you squat, do push-ups, pump, do other exercises. Such strength fitness develops endurance, strengthens the heart, slightly increases strength indicators.

Strength training without iron is used in various types of wrestling as a warm-up or for general strengthening training.

Often a partner acts as an additional burden.

Horizontal bar and bars

The methodology of power training of the armed forces of any country also involves classes on the horizontal bar and bars. The soldier must be able to pull himself up and push up on the uneven bars. His body must be strong and flexible in order to effectively perform assigned combat missions.

Look at people who are fond of workout.

They do not look inflated, but their muscles are an order of magnitude stronger than that of an ordinary person who is not familiar with the horizontal bar.

We can say that strength training on horizontal bars is an almost harmless physical activity. Its harm is manifested only at the moment when you jump from the horizontal bar to the ground - try to do it gently and on socks, and not on the heels. In the latter case, you create an artificial concussion for the whole body (from heel to head) and a traumatic load on the spine.

Beginners can be advised to perform the power complex on the horizontal bar and uneven bars.

That is, you do without weights, content with your pounds. Further, the strength program can be complicated by the addition of various elements to it: exit by force, coups, etc. But all this should be mastered when your muscles can easily carry 15-20 pull-ups and the same number of push-ups from the bars.

Further, when you can perform the specified number of repetitions in your strength training, you can stop there, or you can start working with extra weight. In the latter case, it is time to go to the gym.


The whole complex of exercises in powerlifting is based on the bench press from the chest, squats and deadlifts, their various combinations and lead-in exercises.

In weightlifting, a jerk of the bar and a further push is a mixture of squats and deadlifts. The withdrawal of the bar above the head is practiced separately with the help of an army bench.

Classical eventing is a bench press, a squat, draft. Of course, that working only with these 3 exercises makes sense only for those who aim to develop their highs in them.

From the point of view of the influence on the figure, this will not bring cardinal changes (force cannot be estimated by appearance). Therefore, if you want to not only develop strength, but also change your proportions, it is recommended to include additional exercises for specific muscle groups in the strength complex.

As for the health of the spine, people with back problems can refuse deadlifts and squats (or limit them to their own weight). Squat can be replaced with leg press. But now I’ll replace nothing in full.

Instead, it is better to do hyperextension.

Strength training - why and how to do strength training

Plan heavy workouts so that one muscle group experiences a load once a week. More often it does not make sense to train. Instead of a second hard workout in one week, you can give a light one with the aim of pumping up the target muscle group with blood.

The morning period is not the best time for weight lifting, it is better to train day and evening.

Strength training in the morning will not be so effective than at a later time, since the body is still sleeping. Exceptions to the rules - people leading a nocturnal lifestyle. For them, morning is like evening for the rest.

After a powerful strength training, it makes sense to pedal the exercise bike or work on an ellipsoid.

Circular training, crossfit

Crossfit develops simultaneously endurance, strength.

This is strength training for all muscle groups. Sometimes all these groups work on the same day, which is not always correct and safe.

Strength training - why and how to do strength training

Partly exercises can be performed at home, as already mentioned. A more serious crossfit strength training program can be implemented only in a gym.

Important points

No matter how you exercise before starting classes, pay attention to a number of recommendations:

  1. Strength exercises complex the gym is always performed after a good workout.

    To load cold muscles is not only not effective, but also extremely unsafe, especially if you are working with weight. On the horizontal bar or uneven bars you can also get injured. By the way, despite the apparent simplicity, strength exercises at home should also be done after active warming up.

  2. Review your diet. For heavy physical training, you will need a lot of proteins and carbohydrates.

  3. Rest your body between workouts for at least 2 days. That is, if you trained today, the next training in the same strength style should be the day after tomorrow. Muscles need time to recover.
  4. Listen to your body. A sharp pain during exercise indicates injury.

    You should not continue to work with scales through this pain until you understand its source.

  5. Strength training program must be prepared by a qualified specialist. Otherwise, you risk losing time or health.

Since a diploma or certificate does not always indicate the proper level of practical skills and knowledge of their holder, you can collect feedback on the work of a particular trainer.

It’s good if a person has a medical or biomedical education, and there’s more than one year of a gym behind him.

Then he will be able, at least not to harm, but ideally help, by developing a safe and effective power complex.

Prevention of injuries

And now we’ll talk about what inept strength training can turn into. Of course, it’s hard to hurt oneself at home without weights. But those who work with iron, and everyone else, should pay attention to some important points:

  1. Know your diagnoses. You can really give up on some of them, but others, under certain conditions, pose a threat to life.

    Before active strength training, consult your physician.

  2. Should not be practiced on a full stomach.
  3. Make sure that the room maintains a normal microclimate. There should be no drafts, no stuffiness, the temperature should be comfortable.
  4. In the gym, until you complete the basic exercises and do yourself the stretching, you do not need to take large weights.

There are many methods of strength training.Experiment, choose what suits you and gives results in your particular case. And, of course, remember that you have one health, and you are training to strengthen it, not destroy it.



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