Straighten your back. Our choice: a telegram channel that helps you monitor your posture

Working at the computer, a heavy backpack, an improperly selected mattress on the bed - all this badly affects posture. Due to weak back muscles we stoop. Deteriorating posture and our interaction with gadgets. Scientists call this syndrome

"computer neck"

. In an equal position, the head on the same level with the shoulders weighs about four kilograms.

When we extend our head forward closer to the screen, each centimeter increases the load on the spine


Improper posture can cause heartburn, slow digestion , problems with the spine and joints.

The Spinu telegram channel regularly sends a message “Straighten your back”. Reminders come to the computer, which is convenient when you earn money and stay in a hunched position for a long time. Messages on the watch and smartphone help to straighten up in transport and on a walk.

If you’re used to mute all the channels you’ve subscribed to, the first time Spinu reminders can be annoying. But a beautiful posture is worth it.



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