Stepper - how effective is it as a home exercise machine?

Sedentary work, movement on a car and lack of regular physical exertion - all this does not give harmony to the figure. There is always not enough time to visit sports facilities, and home exercise machines come to the rescue. The hero of today's analysis is just one of them - this is a stepper.

Stepper - how effective is it as a home exercise machine?

Why do we need a stepper?

This cardiac machine simulates climbing stairs. The main effect is aimed at working out the lower body.

Advantages of the simulator:

  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • increasing metabolism;
  • reducing body fat;
  • emphasized development of the legs and buttocks;
  • additional load on the muscles of the back and press;
  • getting rid of cellulite.

Training on the stepper is suitable for everyone, but it is especially popular among women. Regular exercises allow you to tighten the breeches, strengthen the buttocks, get rid of the effect of the "orange peel".


All steppers can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Mechanical. The principle of operation is based on the alternate compression of the hydraulic pistons located under the pedals of the simulator.

  2. Electromagnetic. Using electromagnets create resistance, which the athlete must overcome by pressing his feet on the platform.

Common variations of steppers:

  • Klimber . The cardio simulator resembles a mini-escalator with a rotating staircase. Equipped with a computer unit for selecting programs and tracking results.

    Allows you to qualitatively load the muscles of the legs and buttocks. These devices practically do not create noise, which means they are suitable for home training. The only negative is the high cost. Popular models: AeroFit StepMill X6-C (550,000 p.), Matrix C3X (650,000 p.

    ), Intenza Fitness 550Ci (945,000 p.).

  • Pedal . Outwardly, it is similar to a klimber, but the working part is not a canvas, but two platforms, which are alternately moved up and down. The simulator is also equipped with an electronic console for regulating loads.

    Some pedal steppers have movable handles, which allows you to additionally load the muscles of the arms and shoulders. The device can be used at home. Popular models: Spirit CS800 (132,000 p.), AeroFit PST300 (153,000 p.), Matrix S7X (246,000 p.


  • Balancing . It consists of two pedals connected by a semicircular base. Thanks to this design, movements are carried out not up and down, but to the right and left, which allows for better work out of the muscles of the hips and buttocks. It is equipped with a simple computer, with which you can track the number of steps taken, training time, calories burned. Optionally may have rubber hand expanders.

    Popular models: Sport Elite GB-5106 (2700 p.), Bradex Balance SF 0032 (3300 p.), Stingray ST-7111 (3800 p.).

  • Mini stepper (classic) .

    The easiest option.The simulator consists of a stable base and two moving pedals. The principle of operation is mechanical, that is, based on overcoming the resistance of hydraulic pistons. It can be equipped with a step counter and calories. As a rule, all models have mounts for rubber expanders, with which you can additionally affect the muscles of the hands.

    Popular models: Kettler Vario Mini (2300 p.), Torneo Ritmo S-112B (3000 p.), Body Sculpture BS-1122 (3800 p.).

  • Swivel .

    Structurally similar to the classic, but has a significant functional difference. When you press the pedal, the athlete turns to the side, which allows you to better stretch the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Some steppers are equipped with a handle moving to the right and left together with the athlete. This contributes to an additional study of the oblique muscles of the press, back muscles. To the simulators that do not have such a handle, you can attach the expander blocks to strengthen the upper limbs.

    Popular models: DFC SC-S008 Twister (5300 p.), Torneo Tempo S-221 (4000 p.), Body Sculpture BS-1370HAR-B (4500 p.).

  • Stepper "Nordic walking" .

    The principle of operation of the pedals is mechanical. Two handles were added to the design, imitating the movement of ski poles when walking with the Scandinavian style. This allows you to additionally use the entire shoulder girdle, back and arms. In addition, this functionality helps the athlete spend much more calories than when using classic devices. Popular models: DFC SC-S085 (4700 p.

    ), KPOWER 303MB (5000 p.), Gymbit Nordic Stepper (4500 p.).

  • Aqua stepper . Similar to gym equipment.

    Made of stainless steel specifically for use in swimming pools. It is used in rehabilitation activities and in training in aqua fitness. Not suitable for homework. Popular models: Aquagym AquaStepper (750 000 p.), AquaClimber (1 100 000 p.

    ), Elly WX-ELLY-01 (155 000 p.).

Stepper - how effective is it as a home exercise machine?

All varieties (except "aqua") can be used in home training. For the development of the muscles of the legs and buttocks, electromagnetic models are effective: klimber and pedal, but the price makes them inaccessible to most.

We recommend choosing balancing or rotary steppers for self-study.

Such devices load the muscles of the lower extremities well and allow the upper body to be additionally worked out.

Comparison with other cardiac machines

The fitness industry offers athletes a variety of leg equipment. Let's analyze the main differences between steppers and other popular devices.


The machine is designed to warm up before the main part of the training, strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce body fat.

The advantage compared to the stepper is a higher calorie expenditure for the same period of time.

This is due to the intense work of the whole body when running.

The electronic track has a number of disadvantages: increased noise, large size and shock load on the knee joints and spine.

The stepper takes up little space, is practically silent and does not injure the musculoskeletal system.

Exercise bike

The device simulates the pedaling of a bicycle. Designed for cardio loads, burning subcutaneous fat, strengthening the lower body.

The advantages include high-quality study of the hips and legs, as well as increased calorie consumption.

By cons - no load on the upper body.

The stepper differs from the cycle machine in that it trains the muscles of the legs and buttocks, develops stabilizers, and also strengthens the arms and shoulders by including rubber expanders in the work.

Orbitrek or elliptical trainer

The trainer looks like a Scandinavian walking stepper. The difference is that his pedals do not move up and down, but along an elliptical trajectory.

The range of motion of an athlete in the orbit is much wider than in the stepper. This allows you to simultaneously use a large number of muscles and thereby increase calorie consumption.

Cons of the ellipsoid is a rather high cost, large size.

A simple stepper, as a simulator for the home, is more preferable, as it takes up less space, affordable, effective in losing weight and strengthening the lower extremities.

Training on the stepper

We will analyze three common techniques of steps:

  1. Standard .

    The athlete holds the body straight and depresses the pedals with the whole foot. Such an exercise helps to strengthen the lower body and burn excess calories.

  2. Movement on toes . It involves quick short steps performed by the toe of the foot. Heels are specially kept in weight.

    This technique shifts the emphasis to the calf muscles.

  3. Power walking . The movements are slow. The athlete puts a greater load than with standard equipment. This allows you to strengthen the ligaments of the legs and joints, as well as increase endurance.

Now we will study the recommendations for safe and effective training on the stepper:

  • When walking on the simulator, make sure that your knees do not come inside. Otherwise, the articular ligaments can be under a dangerous load.
  • The correct position when working in the simulator with handrails: forward bend, deflection in the lower back, pelvis laid back, body weight on legs, feet divorced to the sides.
  • During exercises on the stepper for weight loss, do not raise the pedals to the highest point and do not lower them to the end. Move "inside the amplitude.

    " This will increase calorie consumption.

  • Watch your pulse. To lose weight, the heartbeat must be kept within aerobic boundaries - 70-80% of the maximum heart rate.
  • If you use the simulator as a warm-up, fix the rubber expanders with handles on it. This will warm up both the upper and lower parts of the body.

Contraindications for stepper training can be:

  • serious leg injuries;
  • acute phase of varicose veins;
  • problems with cardio -vascular system;
  • late pregnancy;
  • blood pressure;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus.

Duration of the training

If the lesson on the stepper is performed after power loads, then the duration of the walk can be limited to 20 minutes. The fact is that the body is already warmed up, which means that aerobic exercise will immediately begin to affect subcutaneous fat.

If the cardio session on the stepper is performed separately from other classes, it should last 1 hour. The first 40 minutes the body will warm up and accelerate the metabolic processes, and the next 20 just start to burn the fatty layer.

"Entry" and "exit" to the card session on the stepper should be smooth. Without a gradual increase and decrease in load, the body will perceive the training as stress, which means that burning of subcutaneous fat will not start.

As a rule, one intensive lesson can burn up to 500 kcal. But in order for weight loss to be effective, use the device at least 4-5 times a week. It is recommended to combine walking on the stepper with strength training and low-carb nutrition.

Use in medicine

In some conditions and diseases, doctors specifically introduce physical activity to prevent and improve well-being. Consider in what situations a stepper can be useful.


We are talking only about the early stages. At this time, expectant mothers are recommended to walk in the fresh air. But if this is not possible, exercises on simple simulators will help to compensate for the lack of physical activity.

The pace of movements should be such that a woman calmly leads a conversation and does not hold her breath. In this case, one should not bring the muscles to "failure".

Varicose veins

At the initial stages of this disease, doctors recommend doing light physical exertion. Training on the stepper improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, eliminates excess weight. Due to this, the load on the veins is reduced and stagnation in the legs gradually passes.

In general, regular walking on the simulator is an effective means of prevention.

Rehabilitation for injuries of the musculoskeletal system

The device is recommended by physiotherapists in physical education after injuries and operations. An important advantage is the absence of shock load on the spine and knees.

Exercises on the stepper create a moderate cardio load, improve joint mobility, restore working capacity to the lower limbs.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

The disease is characterized by acute pain that constricts movement.

In this situation, doctors prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which includes medication and restorative gymnastics.

Classes on the stepper help increase blood circulation in the legs, which improves nutrition of the cartilaginous tissue of the knees. In addition, walking in the simulator supports the mobility of articular joints, strengthens the ligaments of the legs.

Gymnastics for the elderly

Older people get a lot of useful health benefits from moderate exercise.

Strengthening the cardiovascular system, maintaining the mobility of the spine and limbs, maintaining a good mood - all this can give light training.

As a rule, older people use walks or Nordic walking as loads. The stepper allows you to maintain physical health and good health in those moments when there is no way to go for a walk on the street.



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