Starbucks coffee chain introduces Reserve beans collection

The network introduced three lens hoods: the traditional Christmas Christmas 2019 , balanced Guatemala Antigua and bright Tanzania Iloma.

Aged Sumatra and Hacienda Alsacia are merged in a new Christmas blend. A drink with notes of cedar, aroma of ginger and sweet orange complement the shades of cloves and maple syrup.

Starbucks coffee chain introduces Reserve beans collection

Photo: Starbucks

Antigua Valley is one of the eight “coffee” regions of Guatemala. Guatemala Antigua blend grains are harvested at Santa Clara Farm.

They make a drink with a caramel flavor, notes of milk chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, apricot and lemon zest.

Arabica for the hood Tanzania Iloma is grown on small plantations in southern Tanzania at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level. Coffee made from these beans has the aroma of vanilla, citrus and shades of brown sugar with a berry aftertaste.

The beans from the Reserve collection can be bought at five Starbucks coffee houses in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

  • Moscow, Lesnaya st.

    , 20, p. 1;

  • Moscow, Neglinnaya St. , 15;
  • Moscow, Kamergersky per. , 6/5, p. 3;
  • St.

    Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 54;

  • St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 55.

Since November Three types of Christmas drinks are available in all Starbucks coffee houses: Gingerbread Latte , Walnut-Iris Latte and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate .



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