St. Petersburg Restaurants Donate Food to the Homeless

"Night Shelter" is a house with forty beds, where anyone in need can spend the night in warmth and safety, dine and gain strength. The project will open on July 15. Friends and participants of the food festival "Oh, yes! Food!" Will be involved in the delivery of food for the shelter. I want Kharcho restaurant and Hard Rock Cafe will take part in charity, and other catering establishments will join in the near future.

"We do food in the broadest sense.

The human need for regular and high-quality nutrition is something that in the modern world should not be a criterion for the division of society. For us helping people deprived of the opportunity to satisfy one of their basic needs is as natural as organizing a culinary festival with gourmet dishes. We are glad to establish links between famous restaurants and people who really need food, "said the organizer of the festival" Oh, yes! Food ! " Alexander Novikov.



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