Sofya Fedorova: “It's hard to be a professional snowboarder in Russia”

The break benefited me. After a couple of months without a snowboard, I missed him, got hungry, you can say. Now I’m going to the mountains in Switzerland again, I will continue to train and develop. I don’t know if I will be in the national team later or not. I just love snowboarding, I want to develop.

So far I’ll prepare myself, come in the right shape, so that in January I will already compete.

If we talk about how I got into snowboarding, it should be noted that this did not happen at an early age. In general, my childhood was versatile. My dad is a gymnastics coach, I often went to the gym with him, he taught me something, then I also worked with the coach. So everything was in order with coordination.

Then I started making music, graduated from music school and was sure that I would go to music college and become a rock star.

But at the age of 13 I got up on a snowboard and disappeared, realized that I wanted to be a cool snowboarder, and sent all my energy to it. At the very beginning, I took my dad's snowboard and went to the “Snow com.”, I learned how to properly slide off the slope myself. There is also a snow park, so I watched the guys do the tricks and tried to repeat.

And off we go. The gymnastic training that I had in my childhood helped me a lot, I knew how to fall correctly, how to spin, we can say that I was immediately one step ahead of other children.



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