Social networks launched a garbage collection challenge

Over the past days, hundreds of people have shared photos of garbage collection on the streets on social networks and put the hashtag #trashtag. Challenge #trashtag appeared in 2015. With the help of it, all people who are not indifferent to environmental problems tell us how important it is to remove garbage on the streets of the city, in forests, near water bodies, even if someone else left this garbage. Photos before and after cleaning, posted on Instagram, Reddit and Facebook, show how the outside world looks without any rubbish lying around. Many people, along with photographs, published their thoughts on cleansing the places where we all live and walk, and encouraged friends to follow suit.

Over the past ten years, the volume of garbage produced by the inhabitants of Russia, has grown by one third. And only ten percent of the garbage goes to garbage processing plants. Fifteen percent of all the country's garbage is produced by Moscow and the Moscow region. The most littered areas are considered Shatura, Ramenskoye, Leninsky, Dmitrovsky, Lyubertsy and Naro-Fominsky districts of the Moscow region.



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