Smoking future fathers affects the heart health of their children

Chinese scientists

conducted a meta-analysis of

125 studies from seven international and Chinese databases between 1971 and June 2018. The authors took 63 studies conducted in Asia, 22 in Europe, 38 in North America, one in South America and one more in Oceania. So scientists were able to analyze the data of almost nine million participants and about 138 thousand cases of congenital heart disease.

According to the results of this analysis, scientists determined the relationship between smoking of future fathers and the development of congenital heart defects in children. In addition, it turned out that father's smoking affects the occurrence of diseases more than mother's smoking.

The relationship between the risk of developing congenital heart defects in children and second-hand smoking of the mother was confirmed.

According to one of the authors of the study, Jiabi Qin, future fathers should quit smoking. He believes that due to the harmful habits of fathers, pregnant women become passive smokers, and this is probably even more dangerous for the health of the child than the active smoking of parents.

About eight percent of children

worldwide and

almost nine percent of

children in China born with congenital heart disease.

In 2011, scientists have already confirmed the relationship between smoking a woman during pregnancy and the development of congenital heart disease in a child.



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