Sleeping in front of the TV can cause weight gain.

If you do not want to gain excess weight, it is better to turn off the light and the flickering TV screen before going to bed. This conclusion was made by scientists from the National Institute of Health (USA).

During the study, data were analyzed on 43,722 American women aged 35 to 74 years, who had no history of cancer or cardiovascular disease, who were not shift workers and were not forced to sleep. in the afternoon, and also were not pregnant. Scientists took measurements of height, weight and body mass index at the beginning of the study period and recorded these data over the next five years.

Women noted whether they slept without light, with a little night light, with lighting or the TV turned on.

According to scientists, for five years, women who slept with the TV turned on were 17% more likely to gain over 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of excess weight. In addition, such women are 33% more likely than those who sleep in the dark to suffer from obesity. Exposure to blue light causes circadian rhythms to malfunction (the body’s natural clock. - approx.

Ed. ) and a change in hormone production. At the same time, scientists note that sleep in low light is in no way associated with gaining excess weight.



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