Sissy squats - an unusual exercise for the legs

Sissy squats - an unusual exercise for the legs

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Sissy squats are an unusual exercise designed to work out the bottom of the quadriceps.

Its implementation is advisable if you need to improve the shape of the legs. As a rule, the exercise is used by experienced athletes whose muscles are sufficiently developed by basic exercises and require targeted grinding of individual sections.

Anatomy of movement

When doing sissy squats, the greatest load falls on the quadriceps, namely its lower part. In addition, the calf muscles, buttocks and back of the thigh work.

Sissy squats - an unusual exercise for the legs

Special attention should be paid to the work of the joints.

Exercise creates an increased load on the knees. At the lower point of motion, the knee joints are brought forward much further than the toe line. This situation is itself traumatic. In fact, this is the main disadvantage of the exercise, because of which it is not often used in training programs. For any knee injuries, this type of squats is contraindicated.

If everything is in order with the joints, the exercise should still be performed with caution. The benefits for muscle development should not be offset by the risk of injury. The extra weight is either not used or is taken negligible. To load the bottom of the quadriceps enough, with such an unusual squat, your own weight is more than enough.

In addition to the knees, the ankle is involved in the movement.

To develop its flexibility and mobility, exercise is very useful.

Place in the workout

In general, Sissy squats performed on propped socks are a very unusual exercise. Before you include it in your workout, think about what tasks you plan to solve. The main goal of such squats is precisely in the qualitative adjustment of the proportions of the body. Exercise is not suitable for weight gain.

Sissy squats - an unusual exercise for the legs

There are two fundamentally different approaches in the performance of such squats. Some people prefer to use them to warm up before barbell squats. In this case, they act as a warm-up exercise, preparing the muscles for intense exercise. Other athletes take advantage of the fact that squats on socks perfectly stretch the muscles. To take advantage of this, they put them at the end of the session to complete their leg workout.


The classic version of Sissy Squats is as follows.

  1. Stand at the foot and grasp it with one hand. Great Swedish wall or handrail. The back should be flat, shoulders straightened.
  2. Put the feet together or at a width of 20-25 cm parallel to each other.

    When performing the exercise, body weight should be on socks, and not on the heels, as in classic squats. For convenience, small pancakes or a wooden block can be placed under the heels.

  3. Exercise is usually performed without burden. But if you feel that your own mass is not enough for you, take a dumbbell or pancake from the bar in your free hand. It is better to hold weights in front of the chest (pancake) or in the arm extended downward (dumbbell).

    Work with light weight, which will allow you to perform 20-25 repetitions. Such precautions are related to the fact that the exercise is classified as traumatic.

  4. From the starting position, keeping your back perfectly even, slowly perform a squat. The body deviates back, and the knee joints bend until a right angle is reached. Some athletes squat before touching the knees of the floor, and the heels of the buttocks.

    But in this case, the risk of injury increases as much as possible. Do you need it - decide for yourself. Make sure that your knees do not diverge to the side, but move strictly forward.

  5. As you exhale, just as slowly return to starting position. Do not straighten your knees completely, as the movement will be less traumatic.

  6. Repeat 20-25 times. Take a break and take 1 more approach.

Some athletes prefer to do this exercise in a special simulator, the so-called Hack machine. It allows you to work out quadriceps even more efficiently.

Common mistakes

The above squats with support may seem like a fairly simple exercise, but this is not so.

Use the following tips to minimize the likelihood of injury and maximize the load on the quadriceps.

  • Avoid sudden movements and the use of inertia. Squat as slowly as possible, hold on to the support.
  • It is better to abandon the burden to the full development of technology.
  • It makes sense to perform the exercise in the middle of a complex workout or at the end of the block of exercises for the leg muscles.

    If you decide to start your session with Sissy Squats, be sure to warm up your knee joints. A few minutes of warm-up exercises will protect you from injuries.

  • Your body will develop harmoniously if you add an aerobic load to your workout plan. If your goal is legs, a bike is perfect for you.
  • Do as many repetitions as possible.

    The approach can be completed when there is a strong burning sensation in the muscles.

  • If during the exercise you feel pain or discomfort in the knee joint, stop. Maybe you should replace sissy squats with another safer exercise.

Doing sissy squats will help those who want to achieve the perfect shape and drawing of the quadriceps. Unlike regular squats with dumbbells or a barbell, they do not particularly increase the volume and muscle mass of the hips.

For the best effect, such squats should be combined with other exercises for the legs in the supersets.

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Sissy squats - an unusual exercise for the legs

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team.




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