Should I get married or get married: the pros and cons



You will be financially secure. Sociologists at the Pew Research Center in Washington

affirm :

married people are financially better off than those who are not married. The Center’s chief researcher Richard Fry believes that family men work better than bachelors, try to achieve more and receive higher salaries. The same goes for working women. As a result, couples gain an economic advantage over single people.


You will have higher brain performance. Scientists from University College London

proved ,

that family people are 42% less likely to suffer from dementia compared to bachelors. Psychiatrist Andrew Sommerlad believes that dementia is less likely to develop in those who lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy brain. According to Sommerld, spouses care more about health than bachelors and maintain active thinking due to constant social contact with each other. Scientists believe that Alzheimer's disease in married people appears less often due to the fact that they often experience a sense of happiness and satisfaction.



You will become less open and serene. A study by Professor Julia Specht from the University of Münster

confirmed ,

that the married participants in the experiment decreased the level of extraversion and openness to new experience. People who changed their social status turned out to be less serene. Family life is fraught with a lot of worries and places serious obligations on couples. Researchers also noticed that after a divorce, women became more cheerful and open to the world.


You will spend a lot of money on the wedding. For many couples, it’s important not only to sign in the registry office, but also to arrange a large-scale holiday. An average wedding for 50 people in Moscow costs the newlyweds 600-700 thousand rubles. Spending such sums of future spouses is caused by an obsessive fear of being no worse than others and a desire to publish gorgeous photos on social networks. It is interesting that in English there is even a special term for brides who want to play a perfect wedding: "bridesilla" (a mixture of the words bride - "bride" and godzilla - a monster from an American film).



Your blood vessels and heart will be in okay. Married people are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. According to data from


in the journal Heart, in married people, the risk of heart disease is reduced by 42%, and the risk of stroke by 16%. In addition, mortality due to myocardial infarction and stroke in bachelors is almost two times higher than in those who are married.


You will develop empathy and patience.

German psychologists for four years

followed up

for changes in the character of almost 15 thousand people. It turned out that family life developed patience in people, the ability to take care of others and reduced the level of neuroticism. The Dutch psychologists from Tilburg University for several years


for almost two hundred married couples and found out that the most important skills of the marriage are self-control and the ability to forgive.



You may experience unnecessary stress. The observation of scientists from Duke University, which lasted for almost 30 years,

showed ,

that the spouses are susceptible to each other's stress.

Researchers have suggested that men rely on women's support, and when they can't get it, they get nervous. Researchers from the University of Nevada and Michigan believe that the harm from an unhappy marriage can be compared to the harm from smoking. Both that and another causes a change in appetite, an increase in the stress hormone and inflammatory processes in the body.


You can get a divorce. More than half of marriages in Russia

end with


Moreover, many people live in love without officially registering a relationship. You must be prepared for different developments.



You will be psychologically are healthy.

According to some reports,

marriage can improve the psychological and emotional state. Partners in married couples

less often than singles

are at risk of depression.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that married men under the supervision of their wives are more often examined by doctors and seek treatment in a timely manner. Another possible reason is that people who are married have lower cortisol levels compared to bachelors. High levels of the stress hormone in the blood increase the risk of early death by 10-15%.


You will be happy (most likely). Professor Julia Specht of the German University of Münster, together with colleagues

found out ,

that marriage is especially beneficial for people with a certain type of character.

Life satisfaction after marriage is most often observed in female introverts and male extroverts. Family lifestyle meets the needs of these particular types of personality.



You can gain weight.

Research by

Dr. Laura K.

Cobb of the American School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, showed that if one of the partners is overweight, the probability of getting fat for the second spouse is almost doubled. The more one gets fat, the more likely the second partner will also gain more weight. American scientists from Ohio, Janice Kikolt-Glaser and Stephanie Wilson

believe ,

that when one partner leads an unhealthy lifestyle, the second gets a “license” for the same behavior.


If you are a woman, your risk of getting sick increases. Scientists from Ohio University, USA,


45 couples from the state of Massachusetts and found that the health of women in marriage is worse than the health of men.

Women said that it was their duty to take care of the spouse's health, while men were not interested in the spouse's complaints about her well-being. Women in marriage are more likely to experience anxiety and irritation. If a spouse is older than her husband, this can shorten her life expectancy.


25 years of marriage

The marriage itself is not can be annoying, and relationships with another person cannot be equally beautiful at all times. Only the current mood mismatch is annoying.



If you become ill, you can recover faster. According to Harvard University's

75-year study,

family relationships help you live longer and healthier lives and help you recover more quickly after surgery. In addition, scientists from the Aston School of Medicine in Birmingham

analyzed the history of more than 900 thousand patients and

, and concluded that patients with type 2 diabetes, hypertension and people with high cholesterol levels more often survive if they are married, and less often if they are single.



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