Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

If you have never heard of these sports, it's time to learn more about them. What is their essence, what are the rules and development prospects in our country, players and coaches say.

Lacrosse is a contact team sports game in which two teams of ten people each participate (nine field players plus a goalkeeper). Mandatory equipment - a rubber ball weighing 150 grams and clubs with a handle, the top of which is reinforced with a net. The length of the stick of a club varies among defense players, midfielders, attacks and goalkeepers.

The goal of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal using a club.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

- For the first time I saw how they play lacrosse in the movie "American Pie". After that I forgot about the game. While working at school, I decided to diversify the leisure of children: I came up with a game that I called "Tubball." There are two teams in the game, each athlete has a pot of chips.

Players had to pass the tennis ball from jar to jar and hit the goal, fixed under the basketball hoop. The game was dynamic, but there could be no contact in it to avoid injuries. Then I remembered the lacrosse! I found a team on the Internet - athletes trained nearby, in the Moscow Friendship Park. I came to class and ..

. fell in love with the game. I’m still training and training.

No specific training is required for those wishing to engage in lacrosse. Athletes of any level will be useful in the game.

In my memory there are many cases where players who were not in good physical shape or were overweight in a year or two noticeably improved their performance.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

Classes are held twice a week for adults , for children's teams - three times a week. Usually this is an hour and a half training session, which includes general physical preparation, technical, tactical and game practice.

Many people confuse lacrosse with American football or rugby. I have already stopped being offended.

If a person is interested, I tell him in detail what kind of game it is and how to contact us.

Previously, there were only two teams in Russia, now there are three and a fourth on the way. Not so long ago, the last stage of the Lacrosse Development League ended, where teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl participated.

Footvoley is a very spectacular sport, a hybrid of beach volleyball and football.

The game takes place on the beach volleyball court and is very similar to this sport, but it is forbidden to use hands. Touching the ball is permitted with legs, chest and head.

The team consists of two players (in Brazil they also practice the game 3 * 3 and 4 * 4). Each rally begins with a pitch (performed with a foot from a sand slide at the back of the court). The opponent takes the serve most often with the chest (less often with the head, foot, knee), trying to hit the ball forward and as high as possible for the partner.

That, in turn, brings the second transfer (chest, head, shoulder or foot) of the partner to the net, and the third touch in this draw is an attack (transfer of the ball to half of the opponent) with his head or foot in a spectacular jump near the net.

The rally ends when the ball touches the sand. A game usually lasts up to 15 or 18 points, less often - up to 21 or 25 (depending on the status of the tournament and the number of participating teams). The match continues until one team wins in two games. When experienced athletes meet, the game turns into a real show with an abundance of lengthy rallies and spectacular acrobatic stunts.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

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- Since childhood I have been involved in various variations of football: 11 * 11, futsal, beach. In the summer of 2016, my friend on the “beach” invited me to take part in the international football tournament in Poland. I was surprised, then I watched videos about this sport and got sick with it. We went to competitions without training at all, were mercilessly beaten by experienced athletes from other countries and returned with an irresistible desire to develop in this sport.

Well, in parallel to develop it in Russia.

The tactics here are from beach volleyball, the technique is close to football, but still with its own characteristics. Technical elements need to be worked out - and play, play, play. You also need to be perfectly prepared physically (or begin to train hard). Moving through the sand is very energy intensive.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

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In our country, 90% of athletes come to beach soccer from football, the rest from classical football. We do not train very often: we gather once a week. Every month we hold tournaments. Training consists of practicing technical elements and actually playing football.

On "physics" everyone works independently (jogging, gym). There are many indoor sports centers for beach sports in Moscow. There are no problems with choosing a place for training in the winter.

The audience usually has a lot of questions about futvole, my favorites: “Can you use your hands? Well, at least once for the rally, eh?”, “Are you okay with your hands do not know how to play volleyball? "," Guys, where to score a goal? ".

My friends and I organized the Russian Football League - a community of fans of this sport, in which there are players from Moscow, St.

Petersburg and Novosibirsk. We train, organize tournaments. The main season is summer. We play in each city, then the finalists play the unofficial title of champion of Russia in the super final.

In Moscow and St.

Petersburg we also play the winter season (infrastructure allows). There is no official structure (federation, foot-volley association) in Russia yet, but we are moving towards this. At this stage, the main thing is to attract new players, increase the level of competition. To do this, we invite foreign masters from Italy, Israel, Spain to participate in our tournaments and trainings.

Tekbol combines the principles of the game of football, table tennis, futvol and even volleyball with handball.

Here you need to quickly think, have good coordination, feel the ball and partner (in doubles). Competitions are held in 1x1 and 2x2 formats, i.e. singles and doubles. The essence of the game is simple: throw the ball over the net to the opposite side of the table (touching with your hands is prohibited).

But at the same time, the team has only three touches, and the same athlete cannot play the ball twice with the same part of the body.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

- I first heard about tecball in 2018 during the World Cup in football. I decided to study because it is an amazing mixture of fun, joy and real sport. Plus, I was always attracted to games that developed technique and coordination.

The main problem of tecball is inventory.

Special tables are expensive, not everyone can afford the purchase of official textboards from the international federation FITEQ. You can engage in this sport in football academies and private schools with good financial opportunities. Everyone who develops tekbol in Russia, deals with it in their free time. Therefore, we train when we have the opportunity, usually once or twice a week, the rest of the time we try to keep fit on our own.

Our trainings are held in a playful manner: after warming up and stretching, we immediately begin to “chop” in full.

By the way, methods of training sessions even from Hungary (the country where tecball originated. - approx. Ed. ) have not yet been received. We look forward to, and for now, come up with our options for classes.

Previously, the texboard stood in Gorky Park, we even managed to hold several tournaments there. People gathered at the table, many asked what kind of outlandish sport it was. Most do not know what tekbol is, and someone calls it frivolous occupation. To such people, I usually suggest fighting one on one and defending their position in a fair fight.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

Tekbol in a short period of time went the way that others sports takes many years.

Two World Cups have already been held, at the second, last year, Alexander Obidin and I represented Russia. Tecball has well-known patron ambassadors: Ronaldinho, Cafu, Carles Puyol, Robert Pires, Simao Sabroza, William Gallas. This game was recognized by the Asian Olympic Committee, and the second World Cup, held in Reims, brought together participants from more than 40 countries.

There are prerequisites for the development of tecball in Russia, but so far the competitive part is poorly developed. There is no official Russian techball championship, nor is there a structured competition system.

But enthusiasts are already appearing who are single-handedly trying to get things off the ground. We really need our own corner, at least a small tekball base with two or four tables, where we could improve the technique and at the same time learn the basics of tekball for beginners. My dream is to see the Tecball World Cup in Russia, and even better, to take part in it.

Underwater rugby was invented by the German military in 1952 for training combat swimmers. From equipment - mask, snorkel and flippers.

Two teams of six players are in the water and six more are on the substitute. The game is held in breath hold. The task is to score the ball in the opponent’s basket (the baskets are installed in the deep part of the pool at opposite ends, and the ball is filled with salt water and therefore drowns).

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

- I learned about underwater rugby 18 years ago. My sister wanted to go swimming - went to the whole family for training, and underwater rugby classes were held nearby.

As a result, my sister went several times, and my dad and I stayed for a long time. Together they played for the Russian national team at the World Cup in 2011. I still play, and in recent years I have been actively involved in organizing competitions. For me, this is a huge part of life, and any conversation with new acquaintances or old friends always leads to underwater rugby.

The most common question that everyone asks is how long we can stay under water holding our breath.

Each time I have to explain that it’s 3-4 minutes, but this is not necessary in the game. On average, during a game you spend under water 30 seconds per dive. Then 3-4 breaths - and dive again. And so two halves of 15 minutes of pure time.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

Players need good swimming training.

And also you need to navigate well in three dimensions under water, make quick decisions and not leave the game, even when you do not own the ball.

Since the sport is unprofessional, everyone chooses a training regimen for himself. Someone comes to the game training once a week. Others are serious, do it twice a week in the pool, they also have two workouts with the ball for practicing techniques and playing combinations, one game room and a room at the discretion.

In Russia, underwater rugby began to develop since 2001.

The first decade has seen rapid development thanks to enthusiasts. In the championship of Russia 10 teams played. There was a men's and women's national team of Russia. The youth team three times in a row (2007, 2008, 2009) won the European Championship. Unfortunately, in the second decade, everything began to decline.

The decision to cancel the Russian championship was the sentence for underwater rugby in the country. After that, in 2012, we created the European Underwater Rugby League. Now it hosts 10 of the strongest clubs in Europe, and it is considered the most prestigious tournament and the best organization in the world. Competitions are held in three rounds in different cities of Europe. The entire organization of the tournament lies on the shoulders of the Russian team.

The chess box, as the name implies, combines such sports as chess and boxing. The meeting consists of 11 rounds (odd - chess, even - boxing). Opponents in the ring fight, they play chess in the same place. This is a mixture of a very aggressive sport and the most intellectual. Animal aggression and instincts, plus cold calculation and intelligence.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

- For the first time I heard about the checkbox in the media, it was a very long time ago. At some point, I thought that for a fighter I play chess very well, and decided to take part in competitions. I found the federation with difficulty and asked for the tournament myself. Spent a lot of time searching ..

. but I wanted to realize my difference from the rest of the fighters.

I played chess as a child (you need to start playing this sport at an early age or never before). But he started boxing at the age of twenty, now I'm boxing at the CCM level.

Switching from round to round, alternating boxing and chess is not easy for many.

Compassion is important here. If you have time to wink at the seconds between exchanges of blows in battle, this sport is for you. And in chess all the more without a cold head it is impossible to win at a competitive level.

Perhaps I’m not building the training process correctly in the checkbox, because I don’t have a transition from boxing to chess and vice versa in the preparatory process. I conduct training for each sport separately.

However, what I can distinguish myself from is that I am still trying to improve in chess. Not just playing, but studying a chess textbook. Not everyone does this.

Shahbox, football, lacrosse, techball, scuba rugby: monologues of people who play unusual sports in Russia

People around me often ask me questions about this sport. And the most stupid thing I heard: "Haha, can I hit the board?" As a rule, people who do not know how to play chess say this.

In general, Russia is the forge of the shahboxer. According to Ipe Rubin (President of the International Chess and Boxing Federation. - Approx. Ed. ), Russia has great traditions in martial arts, and Russian has blood in chess.

Therefore, of course, there is more competition in Russia than in other countries.



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