Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

- Seryozha, after you took second place at the Doha championship, you said: “In June I had a red felt boot instead of the knee. " A couple of months ago, could you imagine that in the fall you will win a medal at the fourth world championship in a row?

- Imagining this was actually difficult. The injury also affected, and I thought that nothing special had happened, everything would quickly heal itself. And then problem after problem went. I realized that the knee is only part of the trouble.

The hope of success in Doha was becoming more and more illusive. But then he began to somehow get out, progress - and little by little the sores began to fade into the background. We worked hard, trained, and thoughts of possible success began to return. But then there was a second “wave” of pessimism. At the Diamond League in Paris, a month before the World Cup, I showed a bad result - 13:88.

It was lucky that the championship this time was late, in October. There was a time to recover, recover and regain shape. As the competition approached, I felt my strength return. I ran better and worse, it hurt less. Doubts began to go away.

Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

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- Silver at this World Cup for you “wow” or “no, could you run better”? Given the very 13:88 in Paris.

- When I asked the trainer (Sergey Alexandrovich Klevtsov, Honored Trainer of Russia. - Approx. Ed. .

) : well, how? - he answered me that in any other year silver would mean that I am the best of the losers. But not now, when we have such a difficult period behind us and so many sores that have just passed. Of course, it’s always a shame to lose, but not this time.

- Who did you call after the race when you took the silver? What did he say?

- As always, he called his mother and wife. He asked whether they looked, experienced, like mood, sensations, emotions.

Usually all conversations after the competition are very similar. But the World Cup, of course, is knocked out of the canvas, everyone has accumulated emotions - there were more of them than usual. Everyone was just happy for me.

- How do you usually tune in to start? Do you say something before the starting shot is heard, or is this not a time for reflection?

- I tune in before I arrive at the competition. It all starts in training.

I must be confident in myself and my abilities. I understand that I have the strength when the training is successful and I show my best results in control exercises. Before the championship, training was already more or less good, but competition is another specificity. In addition, Doha was either hot or cold, everything was somehow incomprehensible. Therefore, I needed these preliminary rounds, semi-finals.

I realized that everything is fine with me. Need to run and "drown". Whether there will be a medal is already as lucky. By that time I had already set myself up for the finals and went out more “light” than for the semi-finals.

- The main scandal of the World Cup: the Spaniard Orlando Ortega, who took fifth place, was awarded bronze because he was dumped by Omar MacLeod, who was running along the next track.

How did you feel about this decision?

- In a sense, justice has been restored, because Ortega was very well prepared. He ran really fast, to the medal, and the fact that MacLeod prevented him was the only reason he took fifth place. And I'm very glad that Ortega got to the medal. A similar incident occurred in 2011, also in the finals of the World Cup. I saw Cuban Dayron Robles catch on the Chinese Liu Xiang, and he stayed with bronze.

Then Robles was disqualified, and won, it turns out, Jason Richardson, who could not even imagine that he would be the first. Then no one came up with anything. One was disqualified, all the others were pushed one step up - and that’s all. Here the solution is strange, it raises many questions. For example, why Ortega was given bronze, and not the second silver, and what will happen now to the Chinese who came running, actually, the fourth, and now it turns out that the fifth.

What is he to blame for?

Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

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- You got an atypical ninth track. It turns out she saved you from MacLeod.

- We sat before the finals with the coach and joked that the medal will be or not - it is not clear, but here in the center everyone will push each other with their shoulders, there will be a very tight fight, and even this MacLeod. But we didn’t even think that MacLeod would break into someone on the track, and it won’t work out. The coach said: "Here you are from the edge, well, fine, next to the Cypriot Traykovich, here you chopped it, he will disperse you first, and then run yourself, as you can.

" The coach looked into the water! Returning to the question of bronze: the precedent is at least strange, a lot of questions arise, but for Ortega I am really happy.

- Tell me, how did you motivate yourself this summer when nothing went well? Cheered up thoughts of the Olympics, which is less than a year from now?

- Actually, no! If I thought that there was only a year left before the Olympics, on the contrary, I would quickly drop out this season in order to recover and be fully equipped for the next one. All the time, the thought was spinning in my head that if you become completely unbearable, you can quit everything at any time. Because there was a stupid fall in the Diamond League in Morocco - everyone knows what the injuries are. It would seem that a professional athlete, well, fell - got up and ran on .

.. But no, all such fragile and vulnerable personalities. Although I did not catch any slanting glances, no one had any complaints against me. Everyone understands what it is and what it can turn into.

I kept thinking: well, it’s hard for me, it hurts - but it’s not quite hard yet, when it becomes even harder, then I’ll definitely leave the season. The trainer still doesn’t let me get scared - he immediately raises a fundamental question: either we are training normally, or we are not training at all.So, little by little, a little ...

And then I already felt that everything was going as it should, and just continued to train.

- And now the provocative question: would you win the Olympics in 2016, what do you think?

- In my opinion, this is a question from the series "if grandmother were grandfather" ...

- That is, you do not live with the feeling: "Olympic gold was stolen from me, it it would definitely be mine "?

- It doesn't work that way.

It’s like Ortega’s bronze medal, which he was awarded at this World Cup. Such a situation could have happened back in 2016, and he would not have become an Olympic champion then.

- What do you count on at the Tokyo Olympics? Do you consider yourself a favorite, will you fight for gold?

- Given that I have had medals, including gold, from the last four world championships, it would be strange for me to count on another option.

Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

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- Have you already thought about what will happen after Tokyo? And how much are you going to run in principle? Or are you running while you are running?

- This is a good option - to run while running. A couple of weeks after Tokyo there will be another European Championship in Paris.

There last year I became the second, the Frenchman Martino-Lagarde the first, and Ortega the third. And now you look at the pedestal of the World Cup, there is an American (Grant Holloway. - Approx. Ed. ).

It is not clear where he was going from, where he had come - and landed in first place. Well, he had just started acting as a professional, before that he had been a college student. And then immediately victory in the first big competition. Next year at the European Championships there will also be new characters, it will be cool and interesting. But it’s too early to think about it now.

I think we need to run while there is strength, desire and mood.

- The athletes in our country now basically have two ways: one to the Duma, the other to the coaches. Which is closer to you?

- “Field work” is closer to me. Not a high leadership, but a specific business. Coaching is closer to me.

Perhaps I will go into journalism.

- How do you plan to spend these nine months before the next Olympics?

- After the World War Games I will recover, rest, I need to cure all the sores, and then start training again. My coach knows what to do, I'm sure of that. The plan will become concrete a little later, but, again, it is impossible to follow it and not pay attention to life circumstances that arise here and there. We focus on my condition, because because of it I have to adjust plans.

This season is a prime example. Following the circumstances, we try to be flexible. I think this season will be interesting.

- How does Sergei Shubenkov relax, relax?

- We will definitely go to the sea with our whole family. Most likely in the United Arab Emirates.

Before a family vacation you need to catch in Austria, where he was already this summer with an injury.They already know what to do with me. Doctors, massage, physiotherapy, beautiful nature, fresh air, good mood.

- You celebrated your birthday on October 4 at the airport ..


- You celebrated - it is said loudly. I take these things calmly. I don’t attach much importance to birthdays, they were all sorts: with magnificent parties, and at airports, and at competitions.

- Did you wish something for your birthday?

- For the departure to go without delay.

And so it happened, the departure was delayed only thirty minutes. There could have been more. I sat all day at the airport and was so tired ...

I wanted to get home as soon as possible. You know, sometimes I catch that feeling when I get somewhere, to the airport - and oops, but I was already here!

- Such a groundhog day?

- Yes, constantly! I’ll tell you more - at the competitions there is no time to go somewhere to see something, and if there is time, then there is absolutely no desire to go, it’s better to just roll around in the hotel, just to not go anywhere, not to go. Traveling is, of course, pleasant, but, like all pleasant things, they are good in moderation.

Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

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- You still live in Barnaul. Why didn’t he move to Moscow? From here it’s more convenient to fly to competitions.

- When you look at the prices for real estate in Moscow, there are numbers “from”, and the numbers “to” can be anything you like. People are moving to Moscow - I’m not sure myself, but I heard - in order to earn more money. Or have more opportunities, contacts, access to some parties. This in the end, too, can lead to more earnings. In my case, moving to Moscow cannot be caused by a desire to earn.

On the contrary, I will spend more. And the living conditions in Moscow are not so rosy. Even compared to Barnaul.

- Here, in more detail, please.

- Well, if we take classes in the summer, then the athletics stadium in Moscow, as I understand it, is one - Spartak, at the Znamensky Brothers Center in Sokolniki.

And there are no more stadiums. The closest to Moscow is in Novogorsk. We hold training camps there, train, live and eat at the base. Many athletes from Moscow come there. Because there’s nowhere to really train anymore.

Yes, there is the arena of CSKA, but this is the arena. It seems that there are more of them in Moscow. But these are not stadiums. And how many people live in Moscow - stadiums are popular, many people train there. In Barnaul, this is easier.

The equipment is not the same as in Moscow, but now they are trying to solve these issues. We had worse times, and nothing, we trained, survived, and even showed some results. Well, distances are also important. I traveled for an hour in public transport for training - after this I do not want to live, but I also need to train.

- You probably know the whole city in Barnaul.

How often do they approach you, ask to take a selfie?

- When the competition is shown on TV, and then also in the news, it can be difficult to even go to the store. In the offseason, I’m nowhere to be found, there are no news occasions - then calmer. This generally indicates that the athlete is forgotten quickly if he does nothing. Just a month or two - and that's all, forgotten.

- How many hours a day do you usually train?

- Always differently - from zero to six hours.

But that does not mean six hours in a row. Usually two workouts, four hours plus one and a half. But this is also not always the case, but when, for example, there are fees, and you need to do a lot of strength work. These are special concentrated loads that are needed in order to move me somehow, so that I have progress. One week a day without training is always there.

If I have a tight competition schedule, then there is a day off before each start. There were cases when it was necessary, for example, to run three times a week. Between these days, I just do a light workout, literally forty minutes. It's enough.

Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

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- Let's imagine that you are at home, you have a normal day off, like ordinary people.

What are you doing?

- Do I have to go to training the next day or not?

- Don't go.

- Then it's a vacation! What do normal people do on vacation? They are sleeping.

- You say the matter.

- In fact, I have such holidays when I tell everyone: I’m a vegetable, I’ve run over, dashed off, leave me alone, let me stay at home. I have a family, a son.

- Yes, he was born a year and a half ago. Has your life changed a lot?

- Well, to be honest, not much. There were pleasant worries, chores, but in fact my spouse pulls most of these chores, plus my parents help. But I still live in some kind of rhythm - training, trips, competitions.

- That is, you did not have sleepless nights.

- There were, but quite a bit.

- What is the most touching moment of paternity for you?

- When you bring a new car to the son, and he points and says a finger at her : "Dad!". He remembers them all, knows which ones I gave.

- You rarely tell about your wife, Anya, who does not give an interview at all. Why?

- She's such a person - that’s all I can say.

Opposites attract.

- Does Anya go with you to competitions?

- He goes to the training camp, but to the competitions ... We all want to go together, but so far it’s not working out.

Especially with a small child.

Sergey Shubenkov: “I kept thinking: it’s hard, it hurts - but not enough to quit the season”

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- You and I were colleagues at one time: you were broadcasting on Match TV. How do you like this experience and do you imagine yourself on TV as a presenter?

- It's hard to say. The experience is cool, I liked it. But working this way on an ongoing basis is a completely different matter.

Can I do this if I want? Definitely yes. But I do not know how interesting it is to me.

- Are you watching YouTube? Dudya, Sobchak.

- No, although I know that everyone is watching their shows now.

- Well, almost everything, yes.

- On YouTube I either watch something on the musical part, or about gamers, or Khovansky and Goblin.

- On the musical part?

- Well, yes. Either blogs of guitarists who are interesting to me, or some cuts. I found a lot of interesting music for myself just from YouTube recommendations.

- And you yourself play the guitar, right?

- I play everything, but a little bit.

- Do you have drums too?

- I don’t have drums - I need to fill this gap somehow. I have a synthesizer, guitar and bass, I have a whole set of toys at home - so big for boys. Actually, with us this is one of the points of the compulsory program, if friends come to me, it’s not only to sit and chat, but also to play all types of instruments and improvise something.

- Name a couple of toys that you like.

- By the number of hours spent, this is Skyrim and The Witcher.

- Artyom Dziuba also loves The Witcher.

- Great game. But I love not only the game - I have read all the books and passed all the previous toys. In general, I am a fan fan. I also like the old game “Gothic”, I played it at school.

Then I decided to nostalgic a little bit. This is the same berry field. And recently, puzzles have come in where I need to solve some problems with the tools, this is such simplified programming.

I dropped Dotu a very long time ago. Around the same time, when "Counter" (computer game Counter-Strike.

- Approx. Ed. ). Although sometimes you can hang out with friends or travel and play in the evening. This is a way to pass the time.

On trips, I take a laptop with me and drive in all kinds of toys, mainly in role-playing cars. Where to go, delve into the plot, talk, make moral choices, plunging into the atmosphere.

- The last question. Why is Sergey Shubenkov so cool? What is his superpower?

- I'm just a cool guy! There was such a story - I was at “Evening Urgant”, after the World Cup in 2015, then some time passed, and I asked our press service - can I go there again? And they say to me: “Actually, they only go to such programs with information lines. Why did you suddenly call to Ivan again, what happened?” And I say: "Well, just because I'm a cool guy!".



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