Sergey Emelin: “Champions have no secrets - you just need to train more”

- To succeed in wrestling, you need to start training in childhood. When I was in fourth grade, a coach came to school (Nikolai Viktorovich Slesarev. - Approx. Ed. .

), Said that he was recruiting to the wrestling section. Before that, there was a small room in my city, and then a room appeared more spacious and opened an additional set. I was interested in wrestling as a sport. Well, I went to study. In general, there are strong Greco-Roman wrestling schools in the regions (Sergey Emelin started training in Mordovia.

- Approx. .), Many athletes who are now training in Moscow are from the regions.

Everyone attaches differently to the competition, each athlete has his own way. I try to concentrate on the fight and not think about anything else.

At the European Championships 2018, the head coach of the national team, Gogi Murmanovich Koguashvili, gave me the opportunity to compete - and I won. Then there was a qualifying tournament - he won it, having the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. And there he took the gold. Victory is a joy, especially from the fact that neither the national team nor the personal trainer failed.

In 2019, he also fought for gold.

But at the European Championships, and at the World Wrestling Championship, he became the second. Someone, perhaps, would be glad of such a result, but I went to the competition to win. And there can be only one winner.

After the competition I always make out my mistakes - it doesn’t matter whether he lost or won. Winners are also mistaken.

It is necessary to work, eliminate defects, improve the technique.

I don’t know what better stimulates me to move on - victory or defeat. Won or lost - anyway you go to training and continue to work.

A separate training plan is prepared for each training camp. And at home, the program can also change - it all depends on what goals are ahead.

Usually I have two workouts every day, from Monday to Saturday: one in the morning, one in the evening. We work on strength, endurance, and technology. At the training camp, morning half-hour exercise is added to this.

It happens so that it’s difficult to train, especially since you need to do this every day. But such that I woke up and understood - I don’t want to go today, never happened! Any difficulties go by the wayside, the main thing is to start practicing.

Already in the process comes both drive and inspiration.

When I have free time, I’m relaxing. I have one day off - Sunday. Usually I try to sleep, do things that have accumulated over the week, sometimes I manage to read something interesting.

I have several trainers, because I represent two districts: the Republic of Mordovia and the Moscow region.

In the republic, I am engaged with my personal trainer, Nikolai Viktorovich Slesarev, it is he who draws up the main training plan for me, the rest of the trainers also contribute.

In general, the success of an athlete in competitions is more than 50% to the merit of a personal trainer and national team coaches in total.

Many people think that motivation also largely depends on the coach. But this is not so. The trainer helps to see errors, advises, corrects the technique.

And the mood, the incentive - all this comes from the athlete.

I perform in the weight category up to 60 kg. Sometimes before the competition there is a need to get rid of a couple of kilograms. I already have a good idea of ​​how I need to adjust the nutrition in this case, I can do without the help of a coach. The action plan for this case is pretty standard for me: I refuse sweets, rolls and generally flour.

But I can’t say that I monitor my weight constantly. Competitions, in which strict selection by weight, a little - four to five a year. Before them, I carefully monitor the diet, the rest of the time it’s easier to relate to this.

You can, of course, dream, but I prefer to set goals and go towards them. At the Moscow Grand Prix wrestling tournament, the Alrosa Cup wants to win all the fights.

There I will have two rivals, and both are strong - they are leaders in their countries. But before that I met and fought with them, so I can imagine what to expect from them.

Any athlete would like to win Olympic gold, my immediate goal is to qualify for the Olympic team. There will be leaders from different countries, and they are all set to win. The Olympics in this regard is the most difficult competition.

Any opponent will go out and give all the best.

There are, of course, such people in the struggle who are called talented. But if a talented person does not train, nothing will work. He will not be able to develop his talent enough to win later. What is the secret of champions? The fact that they have no secrets - you just need to train more.



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