#Sekta and Accu-Chek launch an educational project for people with diabetes

#SektaAccuChek is a joint project of the #Sekta Perfect Body School and Accu-Chek, a manufacturer of glucometers and insulin pumps. During the eight-week educational course, participants will learn how to adjust their nutrition and will train on specially developed complexes (taking into account changes in glycemia before, during, and after). Training does not require additional equipment or a visit to the gym and will suit both beginners and older people.

The course will also be useful to parents of those children who have diabetes - they will be able to learn about the basics of a balanced diet and the characteristics of physical activity in case of illness.

The lessons will take from 30 to 45 minutes a day.

During the development of the program, participants, in addition to supporting curators, will be able to receive eight distance consultations from qualified specialists through the



You can learn more about the #SektaAccuChek online program at sektaschool. com / accuchek .



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