Secrets of Ryan Gosling's gorgeous body (and nothing to do with Photoshop)

Actor Ryan Gosling in all films in great shape. Do you remember him in "This Wacky Love"? Agree, this is impossible to forget. Plus for many years, Gosling has won first place in various ratings of the most attractive men. How does he succeed? Let's figure it out.

It seems that Ryan Gosling manages everything.

He starred in cool films, plays in the Dead Man's Bones rock band, owns Tagine's Moroccan restaurant and leads an active social life - supports PETA, Invisible Children and many other foundations. In addition, he is an exemplary family man - he has been married to actress Eva Mendes for many years, with whom she has two daughters. But today we’ll talk about something else - about his physical form. How is it that so much is said about the appearance of the actor and his body?

Gosling is lucky. By nature, he is quite slim, and in order to get in good physical shape, he needs very little time.

So, in preparation for the film "Diary of Memory," he simply began to eat more and exercise a little more.

Secrets of Ryan Gosling's gorgeous body (and nothing to do with Photoshop)

Of course, Gosling received the greatest popularity and attention to his appearance thanks to the film “This Stupid Love”. There he is at the peak of form. In order to gain a muscular body, Ryan trained five times a week for two to four hours, focusing on the press, chest muscles and arm muscles. Gosling was not interested in strength and endurance, but in muscles and a V-shape.

He used special training - did an average of three to six approaches, 30 repetitions of each exercise. Among the exercises were pull-ups, barbell bench press, French bench press and dumbbell exercises.

As for nutrition, there were no special secrets - the actor tried to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and there is enough for the growth of muscle mass. The only thing is that Gosling is a big lover of sweets, but this had to be abandoned. Ryan taught himself to eat bananas and drink protein shakes instead of desserts.

Ryan Gosling

- Muscles are like pets - they do nothing extremely useful, but you need to feed them and watch them so that they don’t disappear.

Much more serious preparation was required by the role of the English gangster in the film " Only God will forgive. " Since, in the story, the hero of Gosling manages the Thai boxing gym in Bangkok, the actor had to not only look like an inflated criminal, but also begin to understand boxing. Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, is one of the most popular and oldest sports in Asia, combining traditional martial arts and kickboxing elements.

Preparation for the shooting included not only training in the gym, but also Thai boxing - real Muay Thai masters worked with the actor.

Ryan trained two to three hours a day, three to four days a week.

The usual training of the actor looked like this:

  1. Pullups - three sets of 20 repetitions.
  2. Push-ups - three sets of 20 repetitions.
  3. Buttock bridge on one leg - three sets of 20 repetitions.
  4. Twisting - three sets of 20 repetitions.

  5. Exercise "scissors" - three sets of 20 repetitions.
  6. Muay Thai session.

On the advice of the trainers, Gosling adhered to the traditional Thai diet, which included a lot of fish, green vegetables and rice. This diet with lots of carbohydrates was ideal for intense training and proper recovery. For maximum results on training days, Ryan ate bananas and drank one or two natural protein shakes.

Secrets of Ryan Gosling's gorgeous body (and nothing to do with Photoshop)

To prepare for the role of musician Sebastian Wilder in the film "La La Land", Gosling not only took piano and dance lessons, but also started practicing Pilates. According to

Men's Journal

his trainer Erin Babayan, training was primarily needed to strengthen the legs, muscles of the core and back. " If you are going to lift people above your head, then you need to be pretty strong and be able to control your body," Babayan noted. In addition to the standard set of exercises, the trainer decided to include Pilates in the training process to improve posture, flexibility and smoothness of movements in the dance.

Gosling's classes included a five-minute warm-up with a foam-roller and a circular workout with minimal rest between exercises - five rounds of running, deadlift, squats with a bar, twists and three rounds of regular squats and legs on the bar.

And only after that came the time of Pilates at the reformer.

The actor spent a lot of time and effort to engage with a choreographer, play the piano, train and act. But with regard to nutrition, Ryan was declassified by his co-star Emma Stone. In an interview with

Vanity Fair

, the actress said that Gosling can eat more Twizzlers chewing sweets than any other person. “He always carries a couple of chocolates,” Stone said.

However, Twizzlers are not the only weakness of the actor. Gosling is very fond of sweets - marmalade, chewing sweets, licorice. His motto is: sugar till you die.

Little is known about how Ryan Gosling eats and trains in ordinary life - neither he nor his wife Eva Mendes almost talk about their personal lives in interviews and do not publish photos on social networks. From the photographs of the paparazzi it can be judged that the actor does not give up sports in the intervals between shootings, continues to engage in boxing and is still in great shape.

Is it luck or hard work on yourself? One can only guess.



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