Scott Bench - Powerful Shoulder Dumbbell Exercise

Scott Bench - Powerful Shoulder Dumbbell Exercise

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Bench press Larry Scott - this is one of the exercises for the development of medium bundles of deltas, which was used in his training by a famous American athlete.

It was it that allowed him, with not the most successful genetics, to pump wide massive shoulders and become the winner of the contest Mr. Olympia. In this exercise, the principal importance is not the weight of the shells, but the technique. In the case of perfect performance, even a small burden will cause a noticeable increase in muscle mass of the shoulders.

Features of the exercise

The first Mr.

Olympia repeatedly stated that this particular type of bench helped him develop the deltas to an incredible volume. Exercise is inherently a modernized version of the shoulder press.

Scott Bench - Powerful Shoulder Dumbbell Exercise

The load in Scott's press is concentrated on the deltoid muscles of the shoulders, especially on their medium beams. At the stage of its development, it is recommended to engage in front of the mirror. So it will be more convenient for you to control the technique.

The only thing required for the bench is dumbbells, weights, or other weights. No matter what you have in your hands - at least water bottles. However, the famous athlete does not recommend doing exercises on the shoulders with a barbell, as they create an excessive load on the joints.

Description of the technique

To begin to perform the Scott bench press, take this initial position, as if you were going to do a classic shoulder press. You can do the exercise while standing or sitting - the main thing is that your back maintain a straight position.

Scott Bench - Powerful Shoulder Dumbbell Exercise

Take the dumbbells with a direct grip and turn the hands so that the little fingers are above the thumbs. If you had already mentioned water bottles in your hands, with such a grip, water would start to pour out of them, since the neck would drop below the bottom. Although such a grip may seem very strange to you, it must be maintained throughout the entire movement. It is he who is the key feature and secret of success of the press of Scott.

When the hands and dumbbells occupy the above position, the triceps are maximally disabled from work.

So the movement becomes much more efficient. In all other delta development exercises, this factor is not taken into account. Because of this, progress becomes noticeable much later.

After you take the starting position and fix the correct grip, you can start the exercise.

  1. Exhale and squeeze the dumbbells over your head, not fully straightening your elbows.

    If you straighten your arms completely, the deltas will stop working. Bent elbows will keep them in tension throughout the exercise.

  2. On inhalation, relax your hands and slowly return to the starting position.Larry advises making the most of the negative phase of movement, rather than throwing dumbbells quickly down.

For a set of muscle mass of the shoulders, it is recommended to do this exercise for 8-12 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.


For the most effective shoulder development, consider the following tips:

  • Learning to press Larry Scott's benchmark is better with light weight. Stand in front of the mirror and take the dumbbell in your right hand (or in your left if you're left-handed). Place the other hand on the working delta. So you can better control your movements and feel the work of muscles.
  • Try to move your elbows back a little.

    If the elbows begin to move forward, the load will immediately be redistributed.

  • In each repetition, achieve peak muscle contraction and their qualitative stretching. Do not bend your elbows to the end or lower them too low.
  • Do the bench press very slowly. Try to stay at the lower and upper points of the movement for a few seconds.

    Of course, it will not be easy, but this trick makes the lesson more intense and, undoubtedly, will give excellent results. Shoulders love constant tension.

  • If your goal is not only to develop muscle, but also to draw relief, be sure to add cardio exercises to your classes. Muscle relief can be achieved only if there is no excess weight.

Benchmark Larry Scott allows you to optimally load the middle bunch of deltas and leads to a strong burning sensation in the muscles.

If you begin to feel this burning sensation in the middle of the approach, this is a sure sign that the deltas receive a full and point load.

Train several times a week, not forgetting about the complex development of both the upper and lower body. Then you will find not only massive broad shoulders, but also a generally harmonious athletic figure.

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Scott Bench - Powerful Shoulder Dumbbell Exercise


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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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