Scientists have developed safe birth control pills for men

The drug 11-beta-MNTDC (in the complex name encrypted the active substances of which it consists) is aimed at reducing the level of hormones that stimulate sperm and testosterone production. In a study in which forty men took part (thirty were given a capsule every day, ten were given a placebo), doctors found that the level of hormones necessary for sperm production in men taking the pills decreased. The dose of the drug ranged from 200 to 400 milligrams, the duration of the study was 28 days.

The new oral contraceptive is a form of progesterone, a hormone that blocks the production of luteinizing (LH) and follicle-stimulating (FSH) hormones. They are necessary for sperm production.

At the same time, the composition of the drug also includes androgens - they compensate for the decrease in the level of male hormones. So baldness, a decrease in sexual desire and muscle mass for men taking capsules are not threatened.

Despite the fact that not a single man gave up his usual lifestyle during the trial, some participants reported mild side effects. Four men reported headaches, fatigue, and acne, five complained of a moderate decrease in libido, and two more complained of mild erectile dysfunction.

According to scientists, the study is too short.

Tests and observations must be continued to measure the effectiveness of the new drug. Researchers warn: it may take decades before male pills hit the market. Nevertheless, according to scientists, the demand for male contraceptives is quite high.



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