School of Captains "Wind Power" opens the season of sailing training in Moscow


For two years, about 2,500 people underwent training at the school of captains "Wind Power", 25 racing crews were formed. Classes are designed for people with different goals: someone wants to just have a cool weekend, and someone wants to become a captain.

Place of training - "Walnut Bay" on the Pirogovsky reservoir. Training takes place on Platu 25 sports yachts. The school has its own fleet, a separate berth and a special room for theoretical courses.

In the future, there will be locker rooms and coffee houses. Now for all guests open a common restaurant of the yacht club.

School of Captains

Photo: "Wind force"

The festive opening of the season will take place in a picnic mode on the territory of the Wind Force pier.

The cost of one lesson is 2 500 rubles, the fee includes a lesson with a trainer on the water for two and a half hours, free lectures that last the whole season, and introduction to one of the first yachting communities in Russia.



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