Sandwiches, cola and salt: what a professional ballerina eats

I try not to eat sugar or drink soda. When the body tries to absorb excessive amounts of sugar, it spends too much energy. As an athlete, this is completely useless to me. But when you really want sweets, I can drink a can of cola after the performance.

I believe that the most important thing in a healthy diet is not to skip meals so as not to overeat later.

On days of rest and in the summer I allow myself to relax a bit. For example, when I go home to Vancouver, I try donuts in different coffee houses.

Many of my colleagues are engaged in fitness, such as cycling. When I prepare for performances, I use every opportunity to relax. The most I can do on my free days is to go for a walk.

For people not related to sports, I advise you to train at least twice a week - in order to maintain health and shape. It is not necessary to run a marathon - a long walk or cycling is enough. The main thing is regularity.



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