Salt in moderation is good for health

In a new study that lasted eight years,

was examined

average salt intake among 90,000 people from 18 countries. Experts found that side effects were found in those who consumed more than five grams of salt per day, which is equal to 2.5 teaspoons. Such a dosage could lead to high blood pressure and stroke. According to the researchers, it’s better to

not exceed

norms - this is 1.

5 grams of salt per day. But it is also not recommended to exclude it completely from the diet.

Salt in moderation is good for health

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Researchers have found that consuming large amounts of potassium compensates for the effects of salt on the body. People who consumed more than average potassium had low rates of heart disease.

This healthy trace mineral is found in sweet potato, leafy greens, tomatoes, white beans, oranges, bananas, and melon.

To minimize salt intake, it is recommended that you carefully read product labels and salt less homemade meals.



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