Russians began to choose outdoor activities more often

The NAFI analytical center found out how the tourist preferences of Russians have changed over the past year. The survey results were published by RT. The survey involved 1,600 people over 18 from 42 regions.

Compared to last year, the number of Russians who prefer outdoor activities increased by 7%: hiking, skiing or snowboarding, hunting, fishing. In 2019, this type of tourism was chosen by 29% of respondents, and it is especially popular among men under 34 years of age.

The number of beach holiday fans has also grown: from 34% to 43%. About a third of those polled love cognitive tourism: excursions and trips to memorable places.

Respondents older than 50 stated that they prefer to relax in sanatoriums, rest homes and boarding houses, and those over 55 most often choose to rest in the country. Mostly villagers stay at home during the holidays.

"Every third Russian organizes vacations on their own (29%), twice less often Russians turn to travel agents (14%).

More often than others, young people aged 18 to 34 years (35-39%) plan trips on their own ), "the study says.

In general, over the past year the number of Russians traveling both domestically (from 26% to 38%) and abroad (from 13% to 20%) has increased. Most often, respondents from 25 to 34 years old travel.



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