Russian record holder for daily running Irina Masanova: “I run more often than I walk”

The year 2018 in the life of Irina Masanova amazes the most daring running fantasies. She covered one hundred and sixty kilometers through arid Elton on the Desert Steppes Marathon, fifty kilometers on Crazy Owl in Rostov, and then another fifty on off-road in Lyskovo. At the end of July, Ira ran a hundred kilometers on the Golden Ring Ultra-Trail in Suzdal, and three weeks later set a new country record - on the Russian Cup in daily runs, running two hundred forty-seven kilometers in 24 hours.

In September, an athlete from Nizhny Novgorod took two more medals. The marathons in Moscow and Berlin were a great end to the season.

In an interview for The Challenger, Ira told how to run without incentive, what is after overload and how to win a trip from ASICS to a marathon in Tokyo.

Russian record holder for daily running Irina Masanova: “I run more often than I walk”

Ira Masanova

- I like to run in the summer! Everything is blooming, the sun is shining. There is much more energy than in winter: you run and do not think. I usually alternate road starts with trail starts. I’m running fifty kilometers, forgetting about time.

Resting from everything, enjoying nature. Summer distances are easy - much easier than in the offseason. You feel like you are overflowing with strength.

There are many races, you have to choose. When I compile a calendar, I always puzzle: where to go? I want to cover as much as possible! But some tracks are called again and again.

For example, Suzdal. This year I will not run for the result, and the distance is only fifty kilometers. A hundred are not part of the training plan. Last year, I purposefully prepared for Elton and wanted to set a new personal record at the marathon in Berlin. All other starts - like long workouts before the races, to keep fit.

Honestly, last year I didn’t want to run for a day. I thought to check my willpower, to practice. But sometimes it turns out so easy, provocatively - it is impossible to stop.

In February at the Cup of Russia in running a hundred kilometers I showed the best personal time: 8 hours 48 minutes 22 seconds. But no one hoped for a miracle in a month in Tokyo! I said so : this is the first marathon for which I did not prepare at all.

I thought to run slowly, but it turned out in 3 hours 17 minutes. She herself was surprised. She probably got in shape and now I can run marathons without preparation.

I usually expect less from myself, so I almost never get upset. Maybe this is the secret? Down with the Napoleonic plans! Dreaming, and then sad if something goes wrong.

Anything can happen on the track - with you, with the weather. But what a blessing, when all is well!

At the daily race I had to

turn off the head

, so as not to think about the growing pain. Many do not know that for the last couple of years I have been living with acute arthrosis. Yes, the leg constantly hurts. But I want to run, I want to win.

If I sit down and regret myself, I won’t achieve anything. And if I tolerate a little - you look, set a couple of new records.

My ankle is unstable. As a child, I often tucked this leg, and once I unsuccessfully jumped and injured a joint in the middle of the foot. Foolishly waved her hand: they say, it will pass.

Who thought that I would run ultramarathons. Of course, the pain returned. Doctors did an MRI and said the cartilage was damaged and the bones rub against each other.

The fabric cannot be restored, so we work with what we have. Someone says: "I have arthrosis: I don’t walk, I don’t walk, I don’t run, because I can’t.

" And I can! I can, I want and I will. I got used to the pain. Sometimes I write on Instagram: here, again, my leg aches. I'm complaining. But usually silently training through pain is my choice.

On jogging, the leg does not remind of itself as much as when walking. Therefore, I run more often than I walk.

In the book “Eat right, run fast” Scott Jurek writes: “The reward for running, and indeed for everything, is in ourselves. When something external appears as a stimulus, we forget that joy and spiritual harmony are not rewarded for us the work done, and the work itself done to achieve the award. " I run to run.

It’s beautiful, it’s amazing: working on yourself, and fatigue, and muscle pain. You run and you feel how the body works. You recognize yourself as part of a vast world. A small piece that constantly moves and sometimes brings chaos to the lives of others. Running aggravates the perception of the world.

I run in order to feel euphoria, to make my soul more fun, to be in shape, to find answers to questions. To run elsewhere at a different speed. To feel that I can’t take it anymore, but to overcome myself and become stronger than myself yesterday.

Sometimes I wave my hand at everything and get enough sleep. Especially at the weekend.

When your beloved husband is nearby, you think: to hell with these runs! Better lie down, hug. But then I still get up and put on my sneakers. Yes, not in the morning, but in the middle of the day, but no one will run for me. It happens that you don’t want to go outside because of the weather. What training when there is bare ice? Morally difficult, you risk being injured.

What to do, you have to change the workout. According to the plan, it was fast, but you make it light, shorter. But you train no matter what. You will succumb to weakness, miss it, and then during the race you will feel that you cannot run, and you will say to yourself: “Let's sit, take a rest. Let the rest run.

” Constant overcoming is necessary to never give up.

After overload the bathhouse, bicycle, swimming and easy running helps well. Even after the daily starts, I go for a run to shake my legs, disperse lactic acid, and calm down. It also restores a healthy diet. On Instagram, I often share vegan recipes: I tell you how to cook cashew cheese, green buckwheat, beet hummus, squash pancakes from pea flour.

I even bake bread myself: on rye sourdough, with cornmeal, oat bran and flaxseeds.

For the sake of running I refused meat. Not convinced, I just like this kind of food. Vegetables, fruits and greens are excellently restored after the races. Light food prolongs life, gives health and beauty.

There are few ill-wishers. People write, specify recipes, and then rejoice: "But we added beets to cutlets - it turned out cool, thanks!" This inspires new experiments. You think: "Hooray, it's all in vain!". Sometimes they tell me that if I ate meat, the results would be better. They give Camilla Harron as an example, who drinks beer and eats tacos.

If I had refueled like this before the daily race, they would have run without me. My body does not digest heavy foods. But I am me, I do not force others. Usually I say: try, know your body. We are different.

Empirically, everyone comes to their diet. Someone cannot live without meat. Usain Bolt winds up a hundred nuggets before the race. It works. I do not have.

Russian record holder for daily running Irina Masanova: “I run more often than I walk”

Last year, our team won a running challenge from ASICS #IMoveMe # YaSamoMotion: as winners, Denis Stepanov and I went to a marathon in Tokyo. Some tasks were not given to me, I coped with others easily. The organizers gave equal chances to both fast and slow runners. I did not think about winning, but then I got carried away and grabbed for any opportunity to earn points for the team. She became active in social networks, published a post with call hashtags every day.

Until the last I did not believe that I would get to Tokyo! In March, I ended up there.

Despite the cold weather, the Tokyo marathon gathered crowds of fans. People came out in the rain and enthusiastically supported us runners. The Japanese rarely put their hands, but a couple of dozen I hooked! Organization - at the level. Volunteers also worked well.

Even the cups on the tables stood in several layers, separated by flat sheets. The garbage immediately disappeared in bags and boxes, and the next morning the city was absolutely clean.

I love calls not for mileage, but for communication. We all know each other, chatting with each other. When we meet at the races - get acquainted.

We advise, share knowledge. Everyone has something to say, everyone is ready to help. Challenges unite us in communities where we gain experience. Not just a treadmill. Among us are journalists, lawyers, accountants, programmers.

So you gain useful connections and acquaintances.

The results of others - this is an incentive! Statistics are kept on sites: you go in and see who ran for how long. You think: "Yeah, he went higher in the ranking, but I didn’t ...

How so ?!" Lace up sneakers, go for a run. We have a healthy rivalry, join us!



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