Running program for weight loss, stamina and health

In skillful hands, running is a powerful tool for achieving different goals: to reduce weight, develop stamina, and keep your body in excellent condition. The main principle of competent training is a clear sequence of actions, that is, it is an effective running program for losing weight or achieving other results, an understandable training algorithm.

Running program for weight loss, stamina and health

What the program includes

Today you can hear the word “program” everywhere . By it is meant clear instructions on the performance of any actions. This is virtually any plan that spells out what and how to do to achieve the goal.

Thus, you can draw up a running plan.

When you write an action plan, you put the number of the action-event and decipher what is under this number. Even if it will be running on a treadmill, you need to make such a list. Otherwise, everything will be limited to one-time training.

The running training program should contain the following points:

  • The place of the planned run (if you go to the gym, you can not specify this).

  • Running time and running speed.
  • If there are interval elements, then their number and the planned duration.

For beginners, it is advisable to note well-being after each workout. Ideally, purchase a fitness bracelet. With it, you can track all your indicators.

For people with heart problems, it is imperative to measure heart rate and blood pressure in order to notice the dynamics of health changes in time. Dynamics can be positive and negative. In any case, your vital signs will change sooner than you feel that running harms you. That is the whole benefit of monitoring well-being after a workout.

Programs for running, depending on the goals

We will analyze 3 goals that the novice runner wants to achieve:

  1. The first goal is to become sturdier.

  2. The second is to keep your body in good shape and strengthen your health.
  3. And the third, most popular goal, losing weight.

You can do all the training on the treadmill, or you can do it outdoors in the forest. We are for the second option!

Earning endurance

If you set yourself the goal of becoming more resilient, 2 training systems are suitable for you: running for yourself (endurance will still increase) or purposefully developing this quality. In the first case, endurance increases on the machine, but slowly.

In the second, if you work on it aiming, endurance will increase pretty much. The work ahead is hard, but worth it.

It is difficult to separate the endurance run and the weight loss run, since both goals simultaneously develop endurance and allow you to lose weight. Therefore, you can use something in between. But let's talk specifically about endurance.

Training on the treadmill must take place at intervals. And the more of them, the better. Begin with short intervals.For example, for 5 minutes you run as a warm-up, then hold a high running speed of 20 seconds. So repeat 10 times per workout.

In this mode, you do a week.

Next week, you double the speed interval, that is, it becomes equal to 40 seconds, but reduce their number by half. The light run interval is 10 minutes. Now there are only five intervals. Do it like this for a week.

Next week you do 10 intervals again, but increase the speed interval to 30 seconds. Easy run for five minutes.

The fourth week will be the last in this mode, here you need to make 6 intervals of 50-60 seconds of maximum speeds. Between intervals you should rest for about 2-3 minutes of jogging.

The running training program needs to be fixed on paper so as not to forget anything.

Next, you do jogs for a month for 60 minutes or more, three times a week. Your stamina will increase significantly.

Running program for weight loss, stamina and health

Keeping fit

This goal does not require any records. Just run regularly for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week.

The main thing here is stability and systematic training.

This is cardio training, but in addition to strengthening the cardiovascular system, it will help you lose weight.

Choose the optimal scheme and schedule for yourself. Over time, you decide when you better run and how much. Carefully monitor your well-being and adjust the program depending on it.

The main thing is running mode.

If you ran 2 times and abandoned, there will be no sense from this.

Losing weight

In this case, the running system has one goal - you need to spend calories. To burn fat, you can either use the interval method, or give a long (from 20 minutes) aerobic cardio.

You need to run systemically, without gaps. There are no good reasons for skipping!

Each run should drive 7 pots from you.

If you seriously took up your weight, you will need a weight loss running table, in which you will indicate the duration of the run, the distance traveled. Fix weight once a week in the morning on an empty stomach.

Then, when you analyze the work done, it will be easier for you to track the dynamics of the results.

The main thing is to record everything clearly and simply.

The rules of running for weight loss are simple:

  • You need to run intensively, spend a large amount of energy.

  • You need to keep a training diary in which you will record the results of the run and have a running program at your disposal

The technique of running for weight loss can be different. If this is jogging, there is one technique. If interval - another. Choose the method of training that will be most comfortable for you.

If you have already decided on a running training program for weight loss, let's look at both of the above techniques.

Interval run

When accelerating, you need to push your foot as far as possible from the track.In parallel, you increase the length and frequency of steps, and your hands work intensively.

Slowdown occurs gradually over 3-5 seconds. Slowing down immediately is not recommended, as is gaining it.

A warm-up before running should also be present.

You can use interval running on a treadmill for weight loss. The only inconvenience may be the size of the track and the limited running space. Running fast on every track is not convenient, especially if you are tall and have long legs. Otherwise, the automatic track for running is in no way inferior to the same stadium.

For such a run, the training program has already been described.

Interval running for weight loss for any length of time is not recommended. He is not healthy. This is a training for burning fat. A prolonged high load on the heart and muscle can harm the body. Therefore, carefully listen to your well-being after each workout.

A more gentle, healing option is the second type of jogging - jogging.


This is a measured long run with a constant low speed. You can practice such running on the track for weight loss. This is a very convenient option for cardio.

You put your foot on the heel, smoothly roll your foot on your toe and push off.

And so for 40-60 minutes three times a week.

Sometimes you can accelerate, trying to run a small segment at a higher speed. For example, you ran 30 minutes, you still have 2-3 km (according to plan). You do a little acceleration and run the rest of the distance.

This trick will benefit your stamina.

Running on the slimming track can be done at a fast and slow pace. It all depends on your well-being and state of your health.

Stability is the key to the result

To always find time for cardio training for burning fat, developing endurance or maintaining health, you need to make a jogging schedule and place him to a prominent place. What good is the best program if you don't see it.

Write in this schedule how many times a week you plan to train, what goal you want to achieve.

So, if you are planning to lose weight, this piece of paper will become for you a beacon in the ocean of extra pounds, which will show you the path to harmony and fit.

Write where you will train, what exercises are still going to do.

All this will help you imagine the upcoming lesson as closely as possible.

The simple solution "tomorrow I will start running" does not mean anything. As a rule, this "tomorrow" is postponed every day for a new term.

Note for yourself how much you will run and where. On a treadmill for weight loss or on the street? And most importantly, why are you going to run and how are you going to track this “why”.The more you work out the details, the better the process will go!

Thus, the plan and schedule will help you stabilize the run and make it a habit.

What time of day to run

People are divided into 2 categories: owls and larks.

It is natural for a person to sleep at night, and to wake up in the morning.

Therefore, it is best to run either in the morning, or in the evening, or in the afternoon. But not at night.

Next, you should be guided by your feelings during and after the run. Try a workout in these three time periods. Compare when it is more comfortable for you? Run during this period, and away stereotypes.



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