Run for life and WWF will hold charity digital races

WWF and the sports community Run for life announced a joint running digital project. Everyone can run 5, 10 or 21 km and help nature.

To participate, you must register for the online race, run the selected distance anywhere - at a training session, treadmill or official competition - and upload a screenshot from any running application with the result of the run to the site and then receive the medal by mail.

Irina Vorobyova

Director for work with corporate partners and supporters WWF

- I'm glad that now the salvation of rare species will be a goal for Run for life participants who are not afraid of serious challenges. I am convinced that only together we can increase the wealth of our nature so that magnificent animals can live in safety, wild and free.

Medals for the passage of distances are decorated with images of a polar bear, Far Eastern stork and Bukhara deer.

Fifteen percent of the cost of each slot of the online race will be transferred to funds to help nature.



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