Run and shine: how was the "Night Run" in Moscow

At the "Night Run" Iskander Yadgarov was the first among the men to finish with a result of 30 minutes 1 second. The second to finish was Ivan Panferov (30:36), the third was Pavel Adyshkin (30:43). Of the girls, Alina Romashova was the first, her result was 36 minutes 15 seconds. The second place was taken by Yulia Konyakina (37:17), the third - Elena Kalashnikova (37:18). The youngest runner was 16 years old, the oldest - 76 years old.

This year, the race course on the last kilometer passed inside the Luzhniki stadium - this was the most vivid impression after overcoming the distance!

-On this "Night Run" everything turned out interesting and cool. On the day of launch, a lot depends on the weather, rivals, on how you behaved yourself at a distance. The struggle for third place began on the seventh or eighth kilometer. At this stage, girls began to slow down, which from the very beginning took a slightly higher pace than they could withstand. I felt inspired when I began to overtake those who were in front.

I felt my strength and, according to my own feelings, ran faster. First of all, I fought with myself, and not with others.

After the ninth kilometer, I saw that the gap between me and Yulia Konyakina was narrowing. We ran to the stadium, Julia was the first to approach. There was grass under the feet in the stadium, it dampens speed slightly.

Perhaps my brutal ad33das Adizero Takumi Sen 5 on Yulia would have worked better than her sneakers (I didn’t look which ones, I assume that she was wearing Adizero Adios). I felt that in Adizero Takumi, the foot worked well on the grass. As a result, inside the stadium we switched places, I stepped forward. It even seemed to me that I had come off a little, but Julia was a master and, of course, I wouldn’t have given a prize place so easily. Her finish spurt was more powerful.

I am not offended, because I lost to a girl who is stronger and more experienced. I am happy that I managed to fight it with her.

I ran for a personal record. I had no doubts that he would be. Over the year of training with Alexei Sokolov, I have grown significantly.

The only question was what the numbers would be. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would get in the prizes - in Moscow there are many strong athletes. She didn’t even take a passport with her, so the lawyers whom I was taken to before the award ceremony looked at me suspiciously.

After the finish, I wanted to hug everyone who ran with me. A race is a small life, with a bunch of stories on the same track.

And Dima Tarasova (director of the race. - Approx. Ed. ) wanted to hug, and Julia Ushakov, who presented us with prizes. I did not even have time to change for rewarding - everything happened very quickly.

My main race this year is the marathon in Berlin. There I want to fulfill the standard of a master of sports, that is, run faster than 2 hours 45 minutes. Prior to this, there will be the St. Petersburg Half Marathon and, possibly, the Luzhniki Half Marathon.

In August, runners await the SPB Half Marathon in St.

Petersburg and the Luzhniki Half Marathon in Moscow. In September, the main running event of the year will be held - the Moscow Marathon, which will bring together tens of thousands of participants from around the world. In October, three cross-country races will take place at once: the

Fast Dog cross

for dog runners, the Fox Mountain cross in Bitsevsky Park and the

Krylatsky trail "




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