Royal Canin will give a lecture on proper nutrition and overweight pets

In February this year, Mars Petcare conducted a survey among owners of cats and dogs. It turned out that almost 22% of respondents overfeed their pets in order to “please” them. About 87% of participants measure the portion of food "by eye". It turned out that many owners do not think about maintaining a healthy weight of their pets. According to Royal Canin, every second pet is overweight, which provokes the development of diseases and shortens life expectancy.

"To feed does not mean to love: cats, dogs and overweight" - this is the name of the event for pet owners, which will be hosted by TV presenter Dmitry Ignatov , blogger and author of the Crazy Drying marathon, Vasily Smolny and veterinarian, specialist in gastroenterology and animal nutrition, Daria Zheltysheva. They will teach guests to determine the normal weight of their pets, and identify the causes and consequences of obesity.

The discussion will consist of three blocks. First, students will take part in a game experiment and try to distinguish healthy animals from those who are overweight and obese. In the second part, Daria Zheltysheva will answer questions about the psychology of human-pet interactions during feeding.

Guests will learn to recognize the symptoms of overweight in cats and dogs, work with the problem of begging for food and control the weight of pets. In the third block, Vasily Smolny will tell you how to love a healthy lifestyle: a blogger will give some tips on how to get in shape with yourself and your pets.

The lecture begins at 19:00. Location: st. Tverskaya, d.

7, 5th floor, DI Telegraph. Admission is free, by pre-registration on the site .



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