ROXY Sports Brand Launches Female Friendship Strength Campaign

"The Sister collection is dedicated to women who inspire us, whom we are proud of and who are always there - to our sisters and friends," say the creators of the campaign. The clothing collection was born thanks to the strong friendship of Kelia and Haley.

"It’s a great pleasure to work with my best friend! We shot a campaign in Hawaii - Keliya’s home island, and it was fantastic. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to collaborate with ROXY, "a brand whose values ​​I truly respect and that never ceases to honor women!" - says Haley Bieber.

The athlete and top model are the perfect combination of the original Hawaiian traditions and the culture of surfing and the spirit of Hollywood.

It is this combination that is reflected in the collection. The Sister capsule has swimwear, dresses and accessories. The main print of the collection is floral on a pastel pink background. Key points of the collection: perfect proportions, soft lines, noble colors.



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