Rowing Cup held in Moscow

Kayaking competitions have been held in Moscow on the Rowing Canal since 2017. This year, the Cup of the Ageev brothers was visited by Dmitry Guberniev, Kirill Andreev, Maria Butyrskaya, Alexandra Soldatova, Anastasia Grebenkina and other sports stars.

More than 1,200 athletes from 20 countries flew to Russia to participate in rowing at seven distances. In addition to professional distances, the Cup had starts for veterans, fathers and sons family crews, and mixed crews. Yuri Postrigay and Alexander Dyachenko, sports veterans, world champions from Europe and the CIS, came to the start.

Rowing Cup held in Moscow

Photo: organizing committee of the Ageev Brothers Cup

The rower Dmitry Guberniev commented on the event in the past. Igor Rybakov, member of the Forbes list, fitness bloggers Alexei Stolyarov and Vadim Babeshkin, businessman Oscar Hartmann, boxer Rostislav Plechko and others competed in a separate distance in kayaking. With a small margin from his rivals, Alexei Stolyarov won.



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