ROSA RUN Running Festival: remember everything

What is the ROSA RUN festival? These are four days of running, happiness and fun. On the first day, ROSA PEAK passed - the participants had to overcome a vertical kilometer. The time limit is two hours. During this time, they ran six kilometers with a total climb of 1,150 meters. The next day, everyone was waiting for ROSA QUEST - a mixture of orienteering and an ordinary quest.

In total, the runners ran 10-15 kilometers.

The third and most fun day of the festival is ROSA CARNIVAL. It was necessary to run three kilometers, preferably in a suit that suited the theme of the race - "Special Agents". But no one limited imagination.

The last day was the hardest.

Participants had to run either a half marathon (ROSA 777) or seven kilometers (ROSA 7 or relay race). ROSA 777 is generally one of the most difficult half marathons in Europe.

Next year, the organizers are going to change the program, make it even better - they will add either a trail or an evening run. So far, one thing is clear - you can’t miss the ROSA RUN running festival in 2019 in any way.



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