“ROSA RUN - another challenge to yourself and the opportunity to feel freedom”

“ROSA RUN - another challenge to yourself and the opportunity to feel freedom”

Arthur Sarukhanov

- I go to Sochi regularly for work - various car manufacturers love this place and often make their presentations here. But I’m taking part in the ROSA RUN for the first time. In a running community, it is customary to share your results with each other and talk about the starts in which you have taken part. So last year I learned from my colleague, a car journalist Pavel Fedorov, about this festival. I was attracted by the multi-day and diverse format - there will be a comic masquerade race, and a serious ascent with a climb of more than 1,000 meters, and a half marathon on mixed terrain.

- All this is another challenge to oneself and an opportunity to feel freedom. That is why we all love running. Well, of course, who refuses to enjoy the beauty of the southern mountains?

The year before last in Munich, I was at a similar running event - there is an annual marathon, and the day before comic masquerade race called Trachtenlauf ("Trachtenlauf"). Imagine: people from different countries of the world come together and go to the start in different costumes. Usually many participants come from Russia.

Then one Dutchman was struck - he ran three kilometers in wooden national shoes, which were one and a half times the size of his feet!

“ROSA RUN - another challenge to yourself and the opportunity to feel freedom”

Arthur and Olga Sarukhanov

My maximum distance is last year's Moscow marathon. ROSA RUN will be the fifth consecutive spring weekend when I take part in the races.

- For us, amateur runners, the main incentive is the opportunity to become a better version of ourselves, to constantly reduce the time to overcome the distance.

I have no global goals on the ROSA RUN - there are specific routes there. I’m just starting to comprehend the "mountain" distances: I recently ran 25 kilometers on a trail in Novorossiysk.

At the half marathon at Rosa Khutor, a set of heights is ahead, but I have nothing to compare with yet - all my personal records at this distance were held on almost a flat surface. I’m actively preparing for the mountain run, so I won’t say that it will come as a surprise to me. To my home on the 11th floor I run up the stairs (and through one), I do not miss the opportunity to climb up the escalators in the subway. But, as my first trail in Novorossiysk showed, climbing up is still half the battle: the descents are no less technical and require a lot of concentration and effort. After that "mountain" race, I was able to walk normally only by the middle of next week.

In general, running in the mountains is a great workout for the legs.

All ROSA RUN races are interesting and special. The gradient of the route, the direction of the wind and the weather - all this will affect the result. My main task is to run into pleasure, not to be injured and, as I call it, to position ourselves for the future. That is, fix the result, which then needs to be improved.

On each of the running days you have to accept the challenge.

“ROSA RUN - another challenge to yourself and the opportunity to feel freedom”

Arthur and Olga Sarukhanov

My wife is also an amateur runner with experience, so we will come with the whole family. For children, the festival organizers have prepared many interesting activities and events. I'm going to run all the races - I hope I’ll master it. Otherwise, why go so far? My wife will run with me, and the children (son ten years old, daughter five) will take part in the children's race.

- Amazingly, thanks to running, I have the opportunity to get acquainted not only with new places, but also with new people. They often become close friends. With many of them we will run together at the Rose Farm.

Sochi and Rosa Khutor are a fashionable place. It is not surprising that the organizers of running events also got here.

As in any other mass events, the main thing is to come with a positive, then nothing can bring down your mood. We will have an extensive program - this trip is also a mini-vacation for our family. First we will live on the Rose Farm, and then below, near the sea. The promenade is ideal for long runs and walks. Take bicycles, ride - the children will be delighted! Our maximum program is to get to Abkhazia, since it is very close to Sochi.



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