Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves

Lifting on toes while standing or sitting is traditionally used in fitness and bodybuilding for training calf and soleus muscles. The exercise is universal and suitable for both a beginner and an experienced athlete. Lifting socks can be performed with various equipment in the hall or at home.

The effectiveness of this calf exercise, in fact, depends on two key parameters:

  1. The range of motion of the ankle joint. In order for this amplitude to be larger, the toes of the feet during the exercise are put on a pancake from the bar or any other platform.

    Thus, the heel drops lower, muscle tension increases and the load increases.

  2. The weights used. The weight is chosen so that you can cleanly do 10-12 repetitions with it.

>13>Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves

Work of muscles

Any lifts on socks involve all muscles of the lower leg. However, slightly altering the exercise, you can shift the emphasis of the load in one direction or another.

Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves

So, if you perform lifting on socks while standing, changing the position of the feet, you force different bundles of calf muscles to work:

  1. Socks are wider than heels - emphasis on the medial (internal) head of the calf muscles.
  2. Socks are already heels - emphasis on the lateral (external) head.
  3. Foot in parallel - uniform distribution of load on calves.
Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves
The dependence of the load distribution on the stop position.

If you do lifting on toes while sitting, the soleus muscles are maximally loaded.

They are located under the calf and give the middle part of the lower leg a volume.

Benefits and contraindications

In most cases, men work out the lower leg to increase its volume, as well as to better render the leg muscles. As for the girls, calf training visually raises the middle of the lower leg, making the ankle more defined. The proportions of the legs improve, the knees look slimmer, the clearance between the legs is reduced.

Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves

However, with all the benefits of the exercise, it can’t do without contraindications either:

  • We should not be too anxious for lifting with injuries of the ankle joint or Achilles tendon .

    Before stretching, do a little stretching. You can simply slowly perform several repetitions without weight and with full amplitude.

  • Also, caution should be exercised in the training of gastrocnemius with varicose veins. Doing lifting with weights without the permission of a doctor should not be done.

Standing Climbing Technique

Standing toes can be lifted with a wide variety of equipment.

In particular, this can be done with the barbell, dumbbells or in the simulator.

With a bar

Working with free weight involves not only loading the calf muscles, but also turning on the body stabilizers.

  • Grasp the bar with a direct grip and lift the bar, as if you were going to do deadlift.
  • Keep the feet steady at shoulder width.
  • Gently rise on your toes, trying not to lose balance.

    Perform the required number of repetitions.

This exercise is quite difficult, it is better to perform it first in a complex on calves.

With dumbbells

Climbing on toes with dumbbells in hands is easier than with a barbell. In particular, it is easier to keep balance.

  • Take the dumbbells and lower your hands on the sides of the body.

  • Make the required number of lifts.

It is worth saying that standing on toes can also be done on one leg. Also, it is not necessary to take a dumbbell, a pancake from the bar is also suitable. In this case, with your free hand, you can lean against the wall or rack of any simulator.

In the simulator

When using the simulator, the position of the body is fixed, which removes the load from the muscles of the stabilizers.

That is, the load on the lower leg is more isolated.

  • Stand with your socks on the platform of the simulator and support its rollers with your shoulders.
  • Lower your heels below the platform, and then rise as far as possible, unbending the ankle. This will allow you to stretch the calves more and increase the load. Do the right number of reps.

In principle, you can do exercises on the shin in different simulators. This can be a hack machine, smith, etc. Some simulators allow you to do slope lifts on toes. This is somewhat easier than upright. There are many opportunities to load calves, focus on the mechanics of movement.

Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves

The technique of sitting up

Ascent to the socks while sitting, as mentioned above, shifts the emphasis on the soleus muscles. Exercise can be performed in the simulator or with a barbell, pancake or dumbbell on your knees.

In the simulator

In the case of the simulator, everything is quite simple:

  • Set the required weight, sit in the simulator and place your knees under the rollers.
  • Straighten and bend the ankle as many times as necessary.


With a free weight

When performing lifts with a free weight, it is better to use the help of a partner.

  • Prepare a shell of the desired mass. Sit on a horizontal bench, put your legs in front of you on a full foot.
  • Ask your partner to put the shell on your lap. It is not only inconvenient, but also traumatic, to take weight independently from a sitting position, as well as to sit with it.
  • Holding the weight with your hands, do the desired number of repetitions.

Rises on socks while standing and sitting - super study of calves

How many repetitions and approaches to do?

The number of repetitions and approaches in the calf exercises depends on your training target and the weight used.

If you are training for mass and doing an exercise with a barbell, do 8-10 reps in 3 sets. Lifting on socks with dumbbells or in the simulator can be done 12-15 times in 3-4 approaches.

At the point of maximum effort, delay for 1-2 seconds - this will allow the muscles to give maximum load.

By placing a pancake from the bar or a small bar under the front of the feet, you will increase the amplitude of movement, which means that you will make the shin exercise more effective.

If your goal is fat burning and muscle tone of the legs, perform 20-30 reps with light weight at a fast pace. The number of approaches in this case is also 3-4.

Regardless of whether you are lifting toes while standing or sitting, do not forget about the preliminary stretching and heating of the muscles.



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