“Ride, trust, live”: blind sportswoman Lena Fedoseyeva about traveling 1,000 km on a bicycle tandem

Who taught? I do not remember. I rode a bicycle from 3 years old to 12, until I lost my sight. In the summer I went more than I went. After 20 years, I again found myself in the saddle: thanks to Ilya Kireeenko, a trainer from St. Petersburg, and his wife Nadia.

They see very well, but love to travel on a bicycle tandem: traveled Finland, Sweden, drove around Europe.

Like ordinary bicycles, cycle tandems are mountain, walking, track, road. Two saddles, two wheels - that's all the differences. Ahead is a pilot, followed by an athlete. It is important that both be strong and resilient, then you get the perfect crew.

We ride in full gear: helmets, cycling shoes, contact pedals. The pilot and athlete must start, slow down, and at the same time fasten their legs so as not to fall. The blind man listens to the commands of the one in front. Assessing the relief, he knows when to change gears, where it is better to push, and where to relax. The pilot is a computer, the athlete is a motor.

Both have enough load.



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