Reverse Twisting: Super Bottom Exercise

Reverse Twisting: Super Bottom Exercise

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Reverse crunches or twisting is one of the most effective exercises for working out the lower part of the press.

The technique for performing such twists is quite simple and quite accessible even to beginners. However, to achieve the maximum effect from training, you need to know a few secrets.

Effectiveness of exercise

Reverse crunches have the greatest effect on the lower section of the rectus abdominis muscle. However, since all the abdominal muscles always work together (they cannot be isolated), performing this exercise will immediately train the entire abs. And this makes such an exercise very, very effective.

Reverse Twisting: Super Bottom Exercise

During reverse twisting, the following muscles will be involved:

  • The main work is done: the straight (especially the lower part) and oblique muscles of the abdomen.
  • Additionally included: iliopsoas muscle, quadriceps, back muscles.

Regular execution of crunches gives the following advantages:

  • Active development of the muscles of the press. The stomach quickly pulls up, becomes flatter. With active work and a thin fat layer, a relief appears (those same cubes).

  • Minimum load on the lower back. When performing normal twists, the load on the lower back is much greater.
  • Posture correction when done correctly.

Reverse Twisting: Super Bottom Exercise

Studies that measured the electrical activity of the muscle apparatus during this exercise proved the high efficiency of reverse twisting for the development of the lower part of the press. That is why this exercise can be confidently put in the top ten most effective.

As for the cubes. Even if you regularly and regularly perform twisting on the press, while having excess weight and continuing to eat incorrectly, you should not count on an instant effect. In addition to the training itself, you should establish a healthy diet and reduce body weight. In this case, the work on the relief will bear fruit.

Reverse Twisting: Super Bottom Exercise

There are also contraindications to performing such twists.

This is primarily a hernia, spinal injuries, recent surgery. Also, one should not perform this type of exercise during exacerbation of diseases such as ulcers, pancreatitis, cholecystitis.


You can perform the exercise on the bench or on the floor using a soft mat. How to do it right? For example, consider the bench option.

The technique is as follows:

  1. First you need to lie on a bench and grasp its edges above your head with your hands.

    The legs are not straight, they are bent at the knees, and the hips are at right angles to the bench. Alternatively, you can hook your hands on a bench in the hips.This will slightly reduce the load on the press.

  2. Breathe in and out as you strain your abs, pull your knees to your chest as close as possible. The angle in the knees does not change.

  3. When the legs have reached the highest point, hold back for 1-2 seconds, feel the maximum tension of the abdominal muscles and return to the starting position.
  4. Next, you should repeat the exercise the required number of times.

Alternatively, you can do reverse twisting on an inclined bench.

Secrets of exercise

Here are a few subtleties that you should know to enhance the effect that twisting on the press gives:

  • The exercise should be performed slowly, while completely controlling the abdominal muscles.
  • At the highest point, when there is a delay of 1-2 seconds, you need to additionally tighten the muscles.

  • Feet should be lowered to the starting position slowly, in no case should they be thrown. The knees should be at an angle of about 90 °.
  • Hands should always hold onto the edge of the bench. If you are doing the exercise on the floor, you should not take them off the floor.
  • Watch the lower back - it should not bend.

  • One more tip: the pelvis should be twisted exclusively in a vertical plane.
  • Be sure to watch your breath. Exhalation is done by effort, inhalation is done by relaxation.
  • When training on the terrain, do at least 3-4 sets, and repetitions in each set - 15-20.

The question arises, when is it better to pay attention to the press - before or after the main training? This can be done both before and after.

Although professional trainers recommend doing this nevertheless closer to the end of the lesson, when the abdominal muscles are already warmed up, there is still strength left to do the reverse crunches.

To enhance the effect, you can perform various twisting options during one workout. That is, in addition to the reverse, you can perform classical twisting, oblique twisting, lifting the body on the Roman chair and other exercises.

The main thing is to remember the secrets that will help to achieve the result in the shortest possible time.

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Reverse Twisting: Super Bottom Exercise

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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