Restaurant chain "Tanuki" updated the breakfast menu

For breakfast, Tanuki offers crispy bruschettas on cereal bread with avocado, asparagus, cheese, egg, Dutch sauce and smoked salmon or chicken to choose from, omelets on cereal toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes or scramble with tomatoes, cucumber and mix of salads. The menu includes yogurt with granola, fruit and mango puree, oat and millet porridge with fresh berries and nuts.

Porridge for guests is prepared on water, almond, oat or soy milk.

For lovers of traditional breakfasts there are pancakes , classic crepes and cheesecakes with sour cream, honey or sweet sauces. From drinks - classic tea and coffee, the popular "Wild Cherry", "Fruit Punch", buckwheat tea Ku Qiao, grown in the mountainous regions of Taiwan.

Breakfasts are available from 6 AM to 12 PM in all restaurants.

All restaurants have Kid's box baby kits. The composition includes one of the options for the children's menu and a toy.



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